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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 11

I was in d sitting room watching musical video
bt d aroma comin from d kitchen couldn’t make
me enjoy d music, i stood and move to kitchen
to see what she’s cooking,
Behold, wen i enter d kitchen, i was able to ve a
good view of her yansh wella, she get d best
curve, wit big bt moderate yansh, her legs
straight die
lookin at d yansh, my diick stand,… just like
someone dat is under control , i move to her
and hold her yansh without even thinkin at
what she might do

The yansh was so soft,… i was expectin her to
say someth or shake my hands off bt she didn’t
i squeez it more and more, i take one of my
hand tru her armpit to her rite side b0s0m,
d Tip hard o, d b0s0m dey firm and not too big
“chucks, food is ready na” she said without
i didn’t answer, she turn to face me
“i said food is ready” she said while her hands
hold my waist
“i want u more dan any food u must ve bookd” i
didn’t knw wen dos words came out from my
“hmmmn, u mean it?” she ask
I place my lips on hers, her lips is so soft and
cold, we started d kiss slowly, den we make it
deep, i took my hands back to her yansh, to
feel more of d softness, i can tell she’s enjoyin
every move i’m making
she hold my head tit to hers, givin me d best
kiss of my life
i move one of my hand to her laps, i shited d
mini skirt up, slowly,she start touchin d tip of
my diick, rubbin it slowly i put my hand in her
pant, i inserted my middle finger,
oh my GOD so soon?

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I use my middle finger to locate her vju pot,
damn it, she is really wet down dere, de
wetness makes it easy for my finger to enter
She gave a soft m0an, her hand is stil busy
workin on my diick
my diick don strong pass tecno phone
I parted my mouth from hers
“to room nw baby, pls” i whisper to her
“give it to me here chucks, do it nw” she
replied softly
It shows in her eyes dat she really need to be
Bleep nw
“now “she repeat
i turn her round, makin her to back me, is as if
she knw what i’m up to
She bent, holdin d kitchen cabinet, givin me d
massage of fuccking her dat way,
as a sharp guy wey i be, i just raise d mini skirt
up to her waist, use d last finger of my left hand
to shift her gstring pant aside, without wastin
time i inserted my hard and ever ready diick in
her wet vju pot, she raised her head
immediately she felt my rod in her well
i start bangin her wit d doggy style
She is using one of her hand to squeez her bre-
ast “Bleep me baby, Bleep it, hmmm” dat is
what she was sayin

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