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Me And My Asaba Jobs – Season 1 – Episode 10

WOW, its good to be in once house, at least i
can enter anytime i want or do anyth i wish at
How i con put myself inside dis wahala na? na
wetin i knw wey i wan cook 4 dis lady na
Let me explain hw my apartment look like
Its a 4 bedroom duplex wit one lobby, 2 sitting
room(one up and other downstairs), 3
bathroom, each wit beautiful baths, 3 toilet and
also one big kitchen, all tiled
I went to d kitchen to see hw beautiful it is
“chai, money good o, so i don become real guy
be dat o, bt wait o, Na wetin i go get 4 dis lady for dinner o
Talkin to myself while coming out of d kitchen
to dinning room, my phone rang
wow funmi is d one calling
“Hello o my great MD funmi” i said wen i picked
up d call
“oh my God, see i go slap u from phone o,(i knw
she’s jokin) any way come and open up door i’m
at d door” concluded
“my what?–(i was so surprise) i was stil sayin
hello wen d line cut
I quickly rush out to d sittin room and open d
door 4 her
my breath first seize wen i saw d angel dat is
standin b4 me

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She look more beautiful dan ever wit d micro
mini skirt she’s wearing, white inner shirt and a
brown blazer ontop
I was to occupy wit d tot of her s*xy** outfit to
notice d luggage she’s carryin, i guess she
notice dat
“chucks ll u let me in?” she ask
“oh i’m so so sorry, pls come in” i offer
I opend d door wide for her to come in, bt wen
coming in, she hit my chest wit her shoulder
i knw she did it intentionaly cus she smile and
shake her head after dat
“wow, what a beautiful place u ve here” she
I caugh to clear my throat “hmmmn no start
dat one, u go fit tell me say no u and d
company put dis together?”
“Sit na” i offerd her seat
“sit ke? abeg show me d kitchen jor make i cook
someth” she said
It was wen she mention ‘cook’ dat i notice d
food items she’s carryin
“Abi u don cook?” she ask
“cook for where! na where i wan get an” i
I lead her to d kitchen “sweet kitchen” she said
“tank u,…bt not sweeter dan u” i replied
she turn and lookd at me as if i just demanded
for s*x.

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