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Marriage Try-Out (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 5]

Marriage Try-Out

Marriage Try-Out

By Cristiano Caffieri

Twice divorced at just 27 years old, Selena Wallis came to the unavoidable conclusion that single men don’t arrive at the altar prepared for the realities of married life. This gave her an idea for a business opportunity: She would launch a trial marriage service to give men an idea of what married life was really like.

Though only a rental, her house was ideal for what she wanted to do, with a lawn to mow and garbage to take out and appliances that needed fixing. “Man” stuff, in other words. She hung out a shingle on the web, opened for business and within a couple of days had her first client lined up.

Carl was a young man about her age who was considering asking his girlfriend to marry him but was more than a little put off by his married co-workers’ constant grumbling about their nagging spouses. Hopefully this weeklong marriage “test drive” would prove whether he too would suffer such a fate.

The course was to last a full week, the mornings of which would be spent going to work as usual, after which Carl would return to Selena’s for dinner and an evening of married life with Selena, his surrogate wife.

The course description stated clearly that the marriage simulation would include no s*x. Carl didn’t see any difficulty with that until he arrived on the first morning to begin his internship and found the most amazing looking woman he’d ever seen, with a great figure, beautiful shoulder length hair and a smile that could charm the birds out of the trees.

She greeted him with a perfunctory peck on the cheek and then told him to take the garbage out. After that, he did get a cup of coffee and a Danish but was promptly sent out to the supermarket for some items she needed for supper. Unfortunately, when he came back he walked right into the kitchen without taking his shoes off and this caused her to chastise him on that point.

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