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Marriage Palava – Season 1 – Episode 9

Lovelyn gave birth after two months, to a bouncing baby girl, Dapo was very happy to see his wife and new daughter, he called his mother to break the news to her and lots of people, Mama on the other hand was not happy with it, how can she be giving us females, I need at least a grand son from Dapo.

She went to visit them, she was veev aggressive to Lovelyn, she didn’t help her with anything, thank God for Lovelyn’s mom , she dil literally everything, two days after the naming ceremony, Sarah, Lovelyn’s elder brothers wife put to bed, so her mother had to go.

Mama Dapo, invited Daramola over to Dapo’s house, have you seen what am saying she has used Igbo jazz on Dapo, he doesn’t even listen to us, how can she be filling the house with girls and Dapo is cool with it, Lovelyn heard everything, she wasn’t happy, she had to keep quiet for peace to reign.

The next day, she was very busy doing the house chores, the children had gone to school,  she also took care of the baby, Mama was staring at her and watching TV, later that evening, Lovelyn cooked and served Mama

Mama come and eat, She said, I don’t need your food, I don’t eat late night food Mama shouted angrily!!, am am really sorry mom, the work I did was too much today I couldn’t meet up with time. Lovelyn begged,  Mama bluntly refused.

Dapo came back from work, Mama started crying, your wife did not give me food, she didn’t even allow me carry my grandchild, is my hand contaminated, Mama cried.

Dapo got angry, he entered the room and gave Lovelyn a very dirty slap, why will you be starving my mom, it wasn’t deliberate, she yelled for the first time

. Why will you think I don’t want the best for your mom, after all the stress I passed through today, you gave me slap as a thank you gift, she said in tears, Dapo was speechless.

Am done with taking this sh*t, she took her baby and slept in the other visitors room that night, Mama heard everything, in shame, she went home very early in the morning.

Dapo later apologized to his wife, am sorry Love, I don’t know what came over me, I promised Kelvin , I will never hit you for anything again, but now look at me, Lovelyn stared at him, If I knew you were a woman beater, I wouldn’t have married you, she said angrily.

Am not, I just find myself doing it, I never for once hit my younger ones while they where growing, I don’t beat my kids, I prefer to talk sense into them but, But what?, So I am the one you use For rehearsals abi, see am not in your mood. She walks out angrily.

Mama on the other hand went to visit Kehinde , it’s been long she went there, Kehinde’s wife wasn’t happy to see her, I hope you came with lesser trouble Mama, She said. Mama stared at her ridiculously

The next day, Mama Dapo am going to shop, there are lots of work to do in the house, your morning food is cornflakes, don’t touch my pots, just wash the plates and sweep, I will come back by 4pm to cook, if you won’t do it, don’t let me meet you in this house, Kehinde’s wife said going out.

Mama was surprised to what kind of liver Damilola has, she did as she was instructed,  Kehinde came back by 5pm to cook, Mama was very hungry , when Kehinde came back, she reported his wife,  Mama don’t complain , it’s her house, she can do whatever she wants, Kehinde replied.

Mama was surprised, on a normal day, Kehinde would have beaten or insulted his wife, she went to her room to sleep

After two days, Mama Dapo left , I have food in my house, one wife cannot come and kill me

In Dapo’s house

Dapo has been trying to beg Lovely ever since, Lovelyn refused to answer, am sorry sweetheart he said, he bought her gifts, Lovelyn stared at him, u can’t keep persuading me with gifts, let everyone be on their own in this house, I do my responsibilities and you do yours, no problem.

My Love, I can’t imagine life without you, please Dapo begs, I hope u won’t end up beating me because, I don’t have a male child, I remember you wanted boys and just a girl, Lovelyn said calmly.

Am happy I have daughters, I have never for once complained, .I know but your families are, and I know you will do whatever they want, Lovelyn said,   My Love, am promising you, from today onwards, you come first,  I will never hit you again, he begged.

She kissed, I can’t be angry with

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