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Marriage Palava – Season 1 – Episode 8

Dapo came back from work, Lovelyn welcomed him and gave him food to eat, Love where is Dupe and my sister, she didn’t tell me she was going back today, Dapo said. She left before I came back from shop, Lovelyn said.

Dapo stared at her saying, just like that , did you people fight, it wasn’t really a fight, she brought up this yesterday issue insulting me, holding my shirt, she explained everything to Dapo.

Hmm, that’s serious, why did you not call to inform me, am sorry sweetheart, I thought it was an empty threat, ok no problem, I think we need to let her be, let her do anything she wants with her daughter, Dapo said, eating his food.

Lovelyn was surprised with her husband’s response, she said in her mind, I thought he was going to hit me, my husband is becoming matured , she smiled, Dapo cuts in, what have you been thinking about, I have been asking for more soup, she said sorry as she added more soup for him.

A week later , Dara did not see Dapo, she called her mother to inform about it, I told you to stop threatening them with Dupe, She is in good hands there, Mama Dapo said angrily. I will see what I can do.

The next week she paid Dapo a visit, my son why would you be that mean to your sister, you know she hasn’t been herself since she lost her husband, can you please bring back Dupe . Mama Dapo said, mummy I didn’t send her away, her mother took her property, I can’t keep forcing her to leave Dupe here, am only trying to ease her stress

. Dapo replied. I  know my son , please let me bring her back, if she starts changing school, it will affect her, you remember she will be writing senior waec soon.

Ok mummy, bring her back, i have no issue with her staying here, thanks dear , tell your wife to give me food now, I will bring her back tommorow, Mama ate and went to bed.

The next day she brought Dupe back.

Three months later, Jane’s wedding, sister am really scared of this mother in-law and sister in-law issue, Lovelyn not all of them are bad, and  even they are, try and be patient with them, all will be well, Dara said, Thanks sis, my mother in-law seems cool and nice, but what if she wants me in, before showing me her bad side.

Dear, keep calm, all will be well, the wedding was awesome , lots of people with beautiful attires lot of food to eat.

Wedding was finally over, Jane and are husband Fred went to Dubai for their honeymoon.

They came back after a month, Jane was looking fatter and fresher, Mrs Igwe her mother In-law organized a welcome party for them. Mrs Igwe did all that without collecting a dime from her son, Jane was very surprised and happy

She paid her sister a visit to the following weekend, they listed about lot of things, Big sis, My mother inlaw is an angel, very nice and friendly, if you see the gifts she gave me and the advice she gave her son and me , she called them marriage tips, she laughed. Wow!!, you see what I told you, not all mother in-laws are bad, but even if she is nice, don’t dtes on her nerves , Lovelyn said

Thanks big sister, I will be resuming work on Monday, Jane said as she was going.

Lovelyn was very happy for her sister,  and she hoped her mother in-law will change very soon.

That evening, she discussed with her husband about having a surprise birthday for Mama, next week, he agreed and they planned.

The day came, Mama was very happy, she had lot of fun, it made her remember her late husband, he did this for me , 42 years ago before he proposed to me, though it wasn’t this elaborate she said smiling. It was time to give gifts everyone gave Mama gifts even the grand children, Dapo gave his mother a key to a brand new car. Mama hugged them all, since I lost my husband, I haven’t been this happy. Thanks for making my 70th birthday this memorable.

Dapo replied, good to hear this , all thanks to Lovelyn for this beautiful idea,  Mama for the first time appreciated Lovelyn, thanks for always being a good wife she smiled.


Has Lovelyn finally won Mama’s heart?

Will Mama change towards Lovelyn or not?.

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