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Marriage Palava – Season 1 – Episode 7

After 41 days,  Lovelyn’s mom and sister travelled back to their place, Mama Dapo was still there, she complained virtually about everything in the house, eaves drops their conversation, Dapo got fed up with her and wanted her to go.

Mama, don’t you think you should go over to Kehinde’s house to assist his  heavily pregnant wife, Dapo said. Oh your wife is at it again, she wants me out of your house, after all I did to make you where you are today, you want to throw me out of your house, Mama Dapo cried.

Mom, it’s not like that, Lovelyn is not even aware of this, I just thought, spare me that, Mama Dapo shouted angrily . I am going nowhere, she hissed and walk away

The next day after Dapo went to work, Mama Dapo called Lovelyn, so you think you can come between me and my son, wo ju mi (look at my face), it can never happen, am going to my house, but I will come back for you, Mama left.

Three weeks later, Mama came back with Daramola, they insulted Lovelyn and took Dupe away with them, Dapo came back from work and was very displeased with his mom and sister for what they did. When will this women realize that am not married to them, he said angrily. I think we should go over this weekend to apologise to them, Lovelyn replied.

That weekend, Dapo and his wife we to their mamaMa place to apologise to her and talk things over with her, to cut the story short, Dupe followed them back home the next day.

Two years later, it was Dapo and Lovelyn’s wedding anniversary, Dapo decided to surprise her, he bought her a range rover sport car and gave her a key to a pharmacy shop as par her field of study , Lovelyn was very happy, Finally I got to work , she hugged her husband.

Now it’s my time to surprise you,  she bought him a nice suit and handed over her pregnancy test results to him, Dapo was over excited, I can’t wait to see my cute baby, he kissed his wife, baby let’s dance to celebrate this , Lovelyn thought in her heart while dancing, I wish everyday can be this perfect, but this family people won’t give me rest of mind

. The knock on the door disrupted her thoughts, Sweetheart she said are you expecting anyone, he replied No, she walked to open the door.

Aunty good afternoon ma, she stared at her luggages, I didn’t know you where coming, she helped her with the load while Dara walks inside. Dapo was surprised to see her, Dara, she greeted him , you didn’t tell me you where coming, am sorry brother, but i have a property here and  decided to pay her a surprised  visit, and where is Dupe, she said , oh she and the kids went to visit a family friend. ok, she said entering the visitors room.

Dapo said looking at his wife, why did this girl come and spoil this wonderful moment we are having,  she is your sister and her property is here, he frowned a little and then smile as if you are happy with it, why not she replied.

Later in the evening, Dapo took his wife out and on their way  back , the picked the children, on getting home they met Jane outside the house waiting, why are you outside miss, my sister is inside, she didn’t let me in, she asked who invited me and locked the door, Lovelyn was angry but she tried to keep calm,  why will she do that he asked, I don’t know, I only came to show you my  wedding invitation, you asked of, am really sorry about that, let’s go in.

Dara was in the living room watching TV, Dapo asked her why she left his sister in-law outside, she has no property here and you are not around, she replied angrily. Lovelyn walked out angrily.

Dapo was disappointed with what Dara did, he talked to her and went in to calm his wife down.

The next day, Jane went back home,

In Dapo’s house

Lovelyn when you walked away yesterday angrily, did you think my brother will beat me or chase me away, Dara said. I didn’t think of anything like that, sister I am not in the mood for trouble this morning, am going to work.

You better be, she held Dara’s clothes, Dara pushed her away, see Aunty stop disturbing me, let me have peace of mind in my husband’s house, Dara kept insulting Lovelyn, Lovelyn got angry am respecting you because of my husband, I know how to handle your type, she hissed and was going to shop, you won’t meet here, I know that is what you want, and I will be going with my daughter.

Lovelyn replied, do whatever you want with her,  Dara felt defeated, she went away with her daughter, hoping that Dapo will come for her

What will you do, if you are Dapo

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