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Marriage Palava – Season 1 – Episode 6

Lovelyn got to her mother in-laws place, knelt down crying and apologizing to her, immediately Dara got there, she walked out angrily. Mama please am sorry I don’t mean it that way.

Ok, how did you mean it, Mama shouted. Lovelyn was still begging, then Mama said it’s not me you offended , look for Dara and beg. She waited through out that day, she didn’t see Dara, she went back home, her Husband refused to eat her food or talk to her until Dara forgives her

The next day, she went to her mother in-laws place with gift items to beg Dara . Finally she met Dara, she knelt down apologizing, Dara did not say a word , Dupe, Dara’s daughter overheard the Lovelyn begging, she stormed out angrily, saying, how can you be this wicked, someone that took care of you for a month, her husband paid our fees, and you are treating her this way, Can u ever do that to someone?, She asked and walked out.

Dara had no choice than to forgive Lovelyn, so Lovelyn went back home in the evening, her husband apologized to her for his actions, Am really sorry my Love, just that I can’t do but please Mama , but Dara is misusing it, I never wanted her here, but you did. I promise to make it up to you.

The following month, was Dara’s Husband burial, Dapo funded the burial, then also opened a boutique for Dara, and took Dupe to stay with him

Dupe was the most well behaved of Dara’s children, she really helped Lovelyn through out the period of her pregnancy

On the other hand, Dara was happy, she said there will always be reason for me to visit them .

4months later, Lovelyn put to bed a set of twins, she had two girls, Dapo was very happy, he is finally a father, though he wanted to have a male child first.

Lovelyn was happy, Her mother inlaw came to stay for a while, even her mother and her younger sister, the house was full with less work for her.

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