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Marriage Palava – Season 1 – Episode 5

Lovelyn was finally discharged from the hospital, she was able to rest well and grateful to God that Mama had gone back home

Three months later,  Dapo got a call that Dara just lost her husband, he and his wife hurriedly went to her place to console her, they met Dara’s late husband people there.

The family requested they bury their son as fast as possible, Dara lamented there is no money, your son invested all his money in a business ,and was dubed , we are broke, she said in tears

Mama Dapo and Dapo begged the family to fix the burial in 2months, after a very long conversation, they finally agreed.

In the evening, Dapo decided to go back to home with his wife, Lovelyn please beg your husband to allow me and my kids be with you for a while, it’s so lonely here, Dara cried.

Lovelyn in pity persuaded Her husband to allow them stay for a while, he bluntly refused, but when his mother added more drama, rolling on the floor and crying, he eventually allowed her .

In Dapo’s apartment

Lovelyn prepared a room for Dara and her 3children, a  month after , her sister in-law became outrageous complained over every little thing and told her children to stop helping Lovelyn with the chores,

After sometimes Lovelyn could not take it anymore , she came back from antenatal that day and met the whole house scattered, she managed to clean it up without altering a word, she entered the kitchen to cook, she found out that the soup she cooked before leaving the house has finished, the stem of plantain in the kitchen, she then went to meet her sister in-law in anger, saying you cannot come and wreck me to, what sort of nonsense is this, you and your children still finished the soup , and cannot even wash the plate, am not a slave this is my husband’s house, then headed to the market to get some items

On getting home, she found out that her sister in-law and children are not in the house,she tried calling , but Dara did not pick, she called her husband, he also did not pick, she became so worried

Dara went to her mother’s house, cried and told her the whole story added sauce to it, Mama Dapo called Dapo ,she was shouting angrily, so you and your wife is making mockery of my daughter.

Dapo hurriedly came to the house,apologized to the mother and sister, he told her, I will work on it, when he got home he talked angrily to his wife and went inside, if not Because of your condition, I know what I could have done to you

Later that day, Lovelyn tried to explain to her husband, he refused to listen, he said are you the one paying for the feeding, why are you complaining on my behalf, if you know what is good for you, as early as possible tommorow, go and beg my sister and Mama.

If they don’t forgive you, I won’t forgive you.

Lovelyn wasn’t happy about that, but she had no choice than to go,why did this have to happen now, we have been living in peace until this happened, she lamented


Lovelyn is going to her in-law to apologise tommorow, will they forgive her or not.

If they don’t forgive her, what will become of her and Dapo

Watch out!!!

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