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Marriage Palava – Season 1 – Episode 2

Lovelyn was very anxious and also scared to see her in-laws, she has heard lots of stories both good and bad on how in-laws can be, she hopes hers will be the good story

Lovelyn finally came to visit her in laws Mama Dapo doesn’t like the idea of her being Igbo, she believes Igbo ladies tends to make their  husbands ignore home, she wasn’t happy but had no choice. She was a bit harsh to Lovelyn

Then Daramola , the house boss, began to bombard Lovelyn with questions, even the mum pitied her

She then told her, if you will marry my son, you have an assignment to do . First you will go and come back then stay with us for a week for close monitoring.

Dapo kicked against it, but the mom and Daramola insisted that it will be the only option Lovelyn as to decide whether to stay with him go

She wasn’t happy about it, she told them she will get back to them. Then after sometime she went to her house.

Dapo was really disappointed, he told his mum, if she goes just know I will never get married. Mama Dapo calmed him down, am your mother I carried you for nine months, I toiled day and night for years to get you where you are. So why will I not want your happiness.


Will Lovelyn come back for Dapo

If she doesn’t what will be of Dapo

And what is Lovelyn coming to do for a week.

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