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Marriage Palava – Season 1 – Episode 12 [Completed]

Mama Dapo got healthier, she was sad for how bad she had treated Lovelyn, she apologized to her saying, am really sorry I was just being too overprotective and possessive of Dapo, even those I cherished so much, my favorite child could not take care of me. I will make it up to you my darling.

Lovelyn never knew her mother in-law was this nice, she stopped her from doing house chores, she stayed with her through out the pregnancy

Fred kept on begging Jane, Jane I love you so much and I will always do,  please forgive me for my ignorance, Jane forgave her husband and they eventually went back to apologise to Mama, for the pain they have caused her and promised to give her more grand children, Mrs Igwe was very happy . Thanks for making me proud, she hugged them.

Dupe stopped talking to her mum, she said until you apologise to uncle and his wife,  this people have been there for you through thick and thin. Am sure Dad will be very disappointed with you wherever he is now, You made me waste 3years of my life at home, Dolapo has not passed his jamb for 2years now, he managed to pass waec with C parallel,  Dotun repeated SS2.

This words sanked into Dara’s heart, she felt bad, but her pride couldn’t allow her apologise, 2weeks later she got a call that Lovelyn has given birth to bouncing baby boys (twins), Mama was overwhelmed, she danced round the hospital, the naming ceremony was awesome with lot of families from far and near, the babies where named Victor and Victory.

After the party, Dara apologized for all her bad deeds, she cried “am sorry I have never appreciated you, am sorry I made you feel less important, am sorry”  she also apologized to her children and her mother, even Taiwo and Kehinde’s wife.

Sarah and Damilola also apologized to Mama, for the way they treated her, you had been so nice to us , we where scared if you stay, sister Dara will come, we where tired of her troubles, sorry Mama please forgive us.

After 3months, Jane gave birth to a baby girl, Fred and his mom were with her through out the delivery, Fred is now a changed man, he gave his old sim cards to his wife and got a new one, in order to stay away from those side chicks.

Jane later gave birth to two more children, and both Family lived happily ever after.

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