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Marriage Palava – Season 1 – Episode 11

Dara took care of Mama, for three months, it wasn’t easy for her especially when she got pregnant, Mama couldn’t walk on her own, Dapo later employed someone to assist his wife,  Daramola, Taiwo ND Kehinde also paid Mama a visit .

Dapo found out that Dupe hasn’t gotten admission as Daramola said, he was very disappoined in his sister, he enrolled Dupe in a private lesson for Jamb and postutme. She wrote her exams two months after, she came out in flying colors and gained admission into the prestigious university  of Lagos.

Mama was still sick, though she was improving , her blood pressure is normal now, she could not still walk properly, and she had been so  lean.

Jane and Mrs Igwe’s relationship grew stronger, it was even difficult to know they where in-laws, There were just like a daughter and mother, the only issue Jane had in her marriage was her husband’s cheating on her, she found out recently, she tried as much to keep it away from her mother-in-law .

Fred has even threatened to divorce her, if the issue gets to his mom, she pretended to be happy, till  she got pregnant

Jane, I have told you no more babies, am okay with Junior, you better terminate this thing Fred said angrily, sweetheart I did not know I was pregnant, after all I removed the last one, this is 2month old already, it’s very risk . She begged, I don’t care, remove it or this marriage is over, he said.

What is over, Mama said opening the door, I have been outside for 30minutes now, I heard everything, how can you tell your wife to remove her pregnancy, and you have been cheating on her, what nonsense, she shouted, I will come back to you

. Jane you killed an innocent child Just because you want to keep your marriage, what if you had died , so you don’t value your life, Junior is still young and he  needs you. And I still love you. Jane was in tears after Mrs Igwe finished her

She turned to Fred giving him two hot slap, he wanted to walk away,  she dragged him back what has come over you, you know the story ,how hard it was for me to  conceive you and I couldn’t get pregnant after you,  just because of the numerous ab*rtions I did for your father, she said crying, and he still left me for another woman. And you have the effrontery to treat a woman that way, are you on drugs or what tell me because I don’t  know. He was quiet, then he sighed saying mom am sorry.

When you guys decide what to do let me know, am going home, she left angrily

Jane cried so badly, Fred after lots of thinking summoned courage to apologise to his wife, .I have always and will always love you , am sorry for all I did, I was scared of sharing you with a new baby, it wasn’t really easy for me when you had Junior, am deeply sorry, he cried . Jane stared at him, but you never thought of how painful it was to know you cheat on me, she said angrily.

Am sorry, I was tired of using protection, that was why, I made sure those girls flushed them off, he replied, you could have told me, my sister is a pharmacist, she could have given me better tips and prescription or even introduce me to a good doctor. Jane said crying

I am really sorry my love, let’s start all over again, he begged, Jane walked out angrily.

Mama Dapo was getting better,  Lovelyn still wanted  her to be at the best state before returning back to her place.

Will this win Mama Dapo’s heart finally?

Will Jane forgive Fred?

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