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Marriage Palava – Season 1 – Episode 10

I can never be angry with you my love, I just wanted to do small shakara, you are the best thing that ever happened to me, Lovelyn said, and you made me beg this long, Dapo said smiling,  it reminds me of when you where wooing me, you literarily followed me everywhere, she smiled, running around the bed room as Dapo chased her, he finally caught her in his arms and kissed her so passionately, I love you Love, I love you too.

Jane’s POV

Jane on the other hand has been enjoying her marriage, she and her mother inlaw went to parties together, her marriage was fun, when she told her mother in-law she was pregnant, she literarily brought soup for her every weekend, sometimes accompany her and her husband to antenatal.

Mom, Am very happy to be a part of your family she said smiling, I am the luckiest mother on earth to have you as a daughter in law, Mrs Igwe said, nine months later, Jane gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, her in-laws and  family where there to take care of her.

Dupe’s waec results came out, she had 5A’s and 4B’s and she also had 290 in Jamb, Dapo was proud of her, he organized a birthday party for her . While Lovelyn took her for shopping , with this kind of achievement , you need to change your wardrobes Lovelyn said

Daramola did not appreciate them, she said he is your uncle, it is part of his duty to take care of you, she then requested  her daughter to come and spend the rest of the year in her place, Dapo wasn’t happy with it, she is suppose to prepare for her post utme,he said.

Do you mean she can’t do well, staying with me, she is born intelligent, so let her come with me  to her father’s house, Dapo had to let her take her daughter .

Dupe failed her post utme woefully, she did not get admission that year . Dara did not allow her to return back to Dapo’s house

Two years later, Mama Dapo  went to visit Taiwo and his family, They welcomed her, Taiwo’s wife ,Darasimi  called her husband inside and told her something.

Taiwo returned to his mom, Mama you will have to go back home tommorow, because I will not want you to disturb my heavily pregnant wife

. Taiwo said.

Mama was unhappy,  is it me you are sending away, after all the things I did to you people is this how you want to pay me back

Mama returned home that night, she was very sad , after 3days she was very sick, her tenant Mama Sola called to inform Dapo.

Dapo rushed down to her place with his wife, they rushed her to the hospital. She was admitted for weeks, the doctor advised she stays with one of her children to speed her recovery.

Taiwo and Kehinde pretended they did not here, while Dara started complaining, business has not been booming, I can’t cope with feeding her.

Lovelyn then spoke I wonder why you find it hard to take care of your own mother, she said angrily, sweetheart let her come home with us.

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