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Marked By The Sky – Episode 9

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky


Rick fixed his gaze on the woman but the smiling face on her didn’t change. Rick take one step at a time so he won’t lost her…but the woman keep staring at him as if she was programmed to do so.

Rick:Is this woman real?hope I’m not looking at a statue?….or …did she know I’m

looking for her?no that must not happen

Rick was lost in his thoughts when a biker came out of nowhere racing with high speed through the street and he sped furiously pass Rick,he almost step on his feet with the bike and Rick who was shocked by the sudden attack….he took

double steps backward and he fell,an Incoming truck was about to drive by stepping on him to scatter him completely but he rolled under the truck and he hit his head on the iron gate at the side road. That was one narrow escape. He touched his forehead he’s bleeding already. He checked the bench that the woman sat on earlier but she have disappeared.

Rick:Damn it (he kicked the iron gate angrily) I lost her.

Rick returned back to the lab and he removed his lab coat. He sat down to think of what next to do when he heard someone crying..

Rick:That’s Julie

He sprang up and went to the inner room. The room is smelling already and her

complexion is not good at all

Julie:Boss…am I gonna die?

Rick:No no Julie you won’t…I’ll be back.

Rick locked the door and Nora’s call came in asking her to come to the station.


Nora: Welcome Mr Rick we found a witness to the boys case from the school.

Rick:Oh really?..wait that’s right I heard her crying that day.

Nora:Will you like to see her who knows you might find a clue…she refused to talk.

Rick:Yes I’ll like to see her.

The girl was brought to Rick and they sat in a small open room near Nora’s table.

Rick:Uhm girl ..what’s your name?

Girl:I…I’m Cassy

Rick:Don’t be scared Cassy I’m not a cop and I won’t disclose anything you tell me Cassy:but you’re working with them

Rick:The question is do you know what happened to the boy that was attacked? Cassy:Hes my boyfriend he’s Troy.

Rick:Ohhh I’m so sorry young girl that’s so heart breaking.

Cassy:(She wipe her tears)

Rick:Come come here

Rick pushed the table away and he embrace her and consoled her. After crying on him for 3 minutes Rick gave her a tissue and she calm down after a bottle of water but her voice is still weak and pale

Cassy:Troy loves taking risk… That day..the night before the incident at school.. he said we should try camping outside the going to the forest. I… I said no unt..(then she cries again)

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Rick:no no stop crying you will get a bad headache

Cassy:I refused but he walk out on me and stopped picking my calls.

When it was exactly 8:00 I changed my mind and sent him a message within a minutes he texted back that he’s in front of my house already..I was so happy to see him he had been in front of my house all these while he said he knows I’ll change my mind if I love him..and so we proceeded to the forest.

It was quite…which was expected to be but the silence was unusual still Troy urge me not to be scared. We set up a tent and we prepared hot tea so we can watch my favourite film together”Silent hill” then we start hearing this strange sound….more

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like a moan we thought it’s crazy for people to have sex in the wood and for the fact that we weren’t alone triggered Troy the more. I I warned him not to go but he refused…

I waited impatiently for him and I heard Scream..a very ugly one more of a squeaking and so I yelled out his name. He came running back to me very scared telling me to start packing. We packed our stuffs and he drove me home i keep asking him what he saw but he didn’t tell me..he’s the stubborn type also his eyeballs…there was a worm sticking out I removed it for him and asked him to visit a doctor…he assured me that everything will be okay…and he…he..(she start crying again)

Rick:Can you write down the details for me?the address or anything.


Cassy hand over the details to Rick and he hid

it. The police asked him to drop the girl home which he did. But they have been recording their conversations all these while that’s why they didn’t ask the girl to stay.

Rick followed the address and he arrived at the location.

He saw the sign that indeed Cassy and the boy was here..then he continued tracing the footsteps he saw with the help of the moonlight. But then he saw nothing more so he activated his Alien sight and saw it clearly.

He arrived at an Erie looking spot and saw lots of eggs…black in colour and he saw an Alien predator (alien Queen)In her predator form approaching the eggs so he quickly hid himself.

The Queen predator start caressing the eggs and she vomited greenish substances on the eggs and within a seconds the eggs became bigger

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Rick:What the I must not act rashly…..I need to go home and see Fuya.

Rick left the place unnoticed and he returned to the lab.

Fuya:What did you find out?

Rick:There are lots of eggs she layed a lot.. Fuya: Eggs that much?hope they are still small

Rick:She vomited this greenish smelly liquid on them and it became bigger

Fuya:What?it has reached that stage already?that green liquid is the food she ate for the day. The Queen predator must eat 10 human brains in order to feed the eggs so they can hatch

Rick:What?so that queen whatever has been eating people’s brain…10 per day?..oh no

Fuya:We need to stop her from laying more eggs then we need to break those eggs

Rick:The eggs are there i didn’t touch them

Fuya:You need to get one of the eggs here..

Rick:There is no way I’m going back there

Fuya:Don’t be a lazy hero…we need to draw out something from the egg to save your assistant.

Rick:Really?The egg can save her ?


Rick: I’ll be back then.

Rick rushed out again and he went there .. luckily the queen was not there and he carried one into a bag.

Rinokin Lab

Rick:Here.(breathing heavily)

Fuya: (She insert a syringe into the flexible egg and she drew out a pink liquid) go and inject your assistant with this.

Rick opened the door and inject Julie with the content. Though she was sleeping


Rick:So when will the egg hatch?

Fuya:You need to get it back before the queen notice else it will be war

Rick:You never told me I’ll be going back there it’s late this is 12:37am

Fuya:(She start shifting back)

Rick:What?what is it?

Fuya:The egg just moved

Rick:Don’t tell me it’s ready to hatch

Fuya:I think so

Rick: What?it can’t hatch here… This is the city Then Nora’s message came in


Don’t wait for me close the door tight.

And sorry we recorded your conversations earlier and we’re heading to the forest now.

Rick:Oh no no no shit fuck… Nora no.

He dialed her number but it was switched off.

And the eggs start cracking while Fuya disappeared.


The Queen predator noticed one of her eggs is missing and she got angry bringing out her claw and giant Mandibles.


AS for Fuya…lolz who wants to die?

What do you think Rick will do?

When will Nora start listening to Rick and the eggs cracking hope there won’t be predators war on New York City???

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