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Marked By The Sky – Episode 8

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky

The breed


Rick came to the school with his assistant.

Rick:So where is the mysterious case?the boy?

Nora:Right there on the floor

Rick:Where?(he start looking around)

Nora:He melted into a liquid…right there on the floor Rick:What?

Rick moved closer to the black liquid and he bent over to examine it.

Julie:Sir your gloves

Rick: Yeah right

Rick put on his gloves to examine the liquid but one of the cops called him :Mr Rick your attention is needed here right here

Rick:I’ll be there ..just a sec

Nora:When he says now he really mean it…my boss is a bit rowdy Rick:ok fine.

Rick ha d over the gloves to Julie to examine the liquid.

Julie put on the gloves and she place her index finger on the liquid to examine

it,as soon as she touched it it burned her glove and it melted right into her finger tip

she screamed and removed the glove on time but she could see a strand of worm

escaping into her finger.

Rick:Hey what’s wrong?

Julie:I I…I dunno it burned the glove and I think I got a worm in my finger Nora:What?

Julie:That expression is scaring me

Rick:Don’t worry Julie you will be okay we need a disinfectant….hey sir where is

the school lab?

Man: I’ll show you sir

Rick:Miss Nora I’ll get the disinfectant please watch her..a close watch

Rick left the school football field and followed the man into the school. As he was going he keep hearing voice of a young girl crying and talking to

herself…. “I warned him not to go who will believe me(she sniff in)I won’t

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tell one must know”. He wanted to trace the voice but because of Julie’s emergency he ignored it and went his own way.

He carried the disinfectant and bandages

He returned back to Julie but her face has turned pale and she’s sweating profusely

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Julie:Sir…hope I’m not gonna die?my engagement is next week

Rick:You will be okay I promise

Rick empty the whole bottle on her finger and he used an iron container to pack the black liquid for a test. They returned back to the lab.

Rick prepared a room for Julie at the inner part of the lab and place her on drip to bring her fever down.

He transferred the liquid into a test tube and he covered it placing it on the spinning machine so as to make any heavier solid particles to fall to the bottom. He rest beside the machine and Fuya appeared to him

Rick:Ah….(he yell out)stop sneaking up on someone will you?

Fuya:Sorry I came late…I went to my planet for something Rick:Now that you’re here I don’t think I need any test

He stopped the machine and removed test tube then he gave it to Fuya Rick:What’s this?it attacked my assistant and a boy in school

Fuya collected it scanning it with her eyes

Fuya:….where did you find this?’s a broken egg

Rick:Is egg dangerous?

Fuya:No it’s a broken egg of a queen predator Rick:A boy with worms melted into this black liquid

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Fuya:It’s an egg…it can form inside human body but if it come in contact with any part of the body,it won’t be able to grow but it will hatch prematurely and die therefore turning to this black liquid

Rick:So you mean a queen predator is in the city and also laying eggs around

Fuya:Yes we must find the remaining eggs before it hatch else there will be

predators war in the city

Rick:I have two questions


Rick:Who impregnated the queen alien and where are the eggs?

Fuya:You have to solve both questions yourself that’s your duty

Rick:What?how does that concern me?

Fuya:What goes around comes around…today it’s that boy and your assistant tomorrow it might be your loved ones..

Rick:You got me(he said feeling bad)but how do I know the queen predator?

Fuya:She’s definitely living among normal human beings you need to find her

before finding the eggs.

Rick:Any idea when to find her?

Fuya:They are always lurking around a tunnel

Rick:Pardon ??why? . Do you know how many tunnels we have here? Fuya:Change to Tutana he will lead you

Rick:Alien in broad daylight?

Fuya: Activate your eye sight

Then Fuya disappeared before Rick st

art his complain again.

Rick removed his lab coat and went out of the hospital to the streets. He activated his eyesight and his gaze went directly to a lady sitting down and as islf she was expecting Rick…her eyes turned green as well.

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