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Marked By The Sky – Episode 7

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky


Rick switched off the TV,he started pacing up and down whispering Fuya’s name but she refused to show up then someone rang the doorbell he rushed over to open the door but his face shows he’s disappointed it’s not Fuya

Rick:How silly of me do i expect an alien to knock (he muttered to himself)

Nora:What’s up are you expecting someone else?( She stressed the else)

Rick:No not really I just didn’t expect to see you today again..(he glance over at her bag) what’s that?where are you going?

Nora:Here of course I brought my clothes along (she entered and closed the door)seems you don’t want me here you didn’t even invite me in Rick:I’m I’m really sorry

Nora:Are you still angry with me? I’ll be careful from now on don’t worry okay?

Rick:So how long will you be here?

Nora: A week. You know the city’s situation now and your house is more closer to the station so for the meantime I’ll be staying here Rick:Ok have you eaten?

Nora:yes but junks not proper food

Rick:Go and drop your bag I’ll prepare something for you.

Rick went to the kitchen and Nora went to the room. Nora removed her clothes and her weapons putting it in a box. She entered the bathroom and noticed that Rick just used the bathroom not long as well,his scent is still there and desires aroused within her. She freshen up and put on one of Rick’s white shirt which is just above her knees,her smooth curves hips could be seen clearly and she let down her hairs. She walked seductively to the sitting room Rick who have finished setting the table

and he was about to position the fork beside the pasta plate when he saw Nora’s look and what she’s putting on.the fork dropped and Nora giggled silently as though mocking him.

Nora:Don’t dream too much Mr Rick

Rick’s POV

Oh no this lady will implicate me…ladies are cruel, first it was Fuya and now it’s you…you guys are the most dangerous specie I’ve ever known…on a normal day during situation like this we must sleep together whenever she stays the night now she’s gonna stay for a whole week.

Nora:(she snap her finger bringing him to reality) hey come back here…are you undressing me with your eyes already?

Rick:uhum..(his voice is deep and scattered which shows he’s nervous) do you like the pasta?

Nora used her fork to wrap the pasta slowly and she ate it but her lips was stained

with ketchup)

Nora:Hmmm nice

Rick:uhm you …your lips


Rick: There’s a ketchup on your lips

Nora:Help me with it.

Rick wiped it off with a tissue paper but can still feel her soft lips. Rick’s POV

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Is this girl really a police?how did she have the time to take care of her body…she’s so smooth and sexy her lips as no I’m not sure she is hardworking)

Nora and Rick start eating

Nora:Did you watch the 8:00 news? dancing Aliens Rick:Yes hilarious and embarrassing

Nora:No I think it’s cute.. especially the blue alien..the whole of New York was surprised. Also we will be tracing the alien tomorrow Rick:What?


Rick:but i don’t think the alien will like that. It saved the city so why going after him?

Nora:That’s not for me to decide we received orders as well.

They finished the food and Nora packed the plates to the kitchen. She returned and

couldn’t find Rick so she went to his room and met him arranging pillows on the

blanket he spread on the floor

Nora:What’s going on here?

Rick:You can sleep on the bed I’ll sleep here

Nora:But the floor is cold

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Rick:I will double the blanket

Nora:What has come over you?this is not our first or second time sharing a bed and we’re not kids to be scared of sex

Rick:Yes sex that’s the problem….that’s what I’m avoiding

Nora:What?(her eyes became teary)

Rick: We’ve been doing it without protection or any plans for the future I don’t want it to be too much we should limit it what if you get pregnant and we’re not even married yet

Nora:Did I ever complain to you?and you know very well that I use pill….if you’re

tired of me you don’t have to make filmsy excuses i should have known when you op

ened the door not happy to see me

Rick:No no calm down Nora

Nora:Leave me alone and I’m leaving tomorrow(she said crying)

She climbed the bed angrily and she cover her head with blanket facing the other

side. Rick didn’t like how the explanation took turn so he climbed the bed and hug

her from behind, Nora jerk his hand off and Rick turn her back forcefully to face

him”I’m sorry Nora please”

Nora:Do you love me?

Rick:yes of course I do

Nora:no let me hear it

Rick:I love you.

Nora changed her position and sat on Rick’s waist.She kissed him deeply and Rick having no choice,he kissed her back. Since nothing strange is happening Rick turn her and lay her back on the bed now he’s on top of her,he locked his hands with hers and press in deeply on her lips it was going well until Rick felt something like a hand crawling up from within his stomach, images of alien predators flashed through his head and he felt a sharp pain in his stomach,he disengaged his lips and move away from Nora. He came out of bed and went to the bathroom to wash his face after a minute he went to Nora”I’m sorry i can’t do this” Nora:okay goodnight.

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Nora draw the blanket over her head again and slept off while Rick slept on the floor.

Next morning,Rick woke up and checked the bed but Nora has left for work already,he checked the time and hurried to the bathroom as well and after that he got dressed and went to the kitchen to take snacks and juice for breakfast but was surprised to see toasted bread and coffee in a covered mug.

“Oh thank goodness” Rick packed the toasted bread and took the coffee sipping it on the way.


Rick entered and saw Julie his assistant already in the lab going through the left over work she didn’t finish yesterday.

Julie:Good morning sir

Rick:Yes morning Julie how was your night?

Julie:It was splendid sir

Rick:hmmm good definition of splendid..your lipstick is smudged make sure you check yourself before leaving your boyfriend’s house Julie:ii I’m sorry sir(she quickly wipe the smudged side off)

Rick was eating when Police men came inside with the Director of the hospital. Rick and Julie:Good morning sir

Director: Morning Rick,Julie hi… Don’t stress yourself they are here to investigate

Rick: investigate?(he said looking at Nora” like you didn’t tell me before”?)

(Nora gave a sign that she didn’t know as well)

Police:The CCTV footage shows that the alien jumped down from the hospital

building through the window..

Rick:(his heart start beating faster)

Police:But we suspect the baby alien that was kept here under supervision so we came to check.

Rick’s heart dropped down escaping through the window because he knew Tutana won’t be there…but he played along and opened the cold freezer but could not find anything

Director:What?so that baby alien saved the city?

Julie:But it’s dead already

Police: We’re dealing with aliens here Mr Miles. Thanks for your cooperation we’re through here.

The police men left and Nora followed.

Rick is now rest assured that at least his identity is unknown for now.

Tripple Edge school

It’s sport period, the football players were practicing on the field when a student felt something itching his whole body..he stopped and start scratching his face which calls the attention of others and the couch then suddenly worms sprang out of his face and his teeth changed to that of a monster. The cheerleaders screamed and scattered while some of the students ran away as well and the student with the worms start changing melting gradually until he melted to black liquid. The school was in chaos and they called Rinokin hospital also with Police force.

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