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Marked By The Sky – Episode 6

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky

Rick stood at the front of the alien predator not knowing what to do when the alien predator slap him away with his huge palm filled with greenish fluid. Rick crashed

roughly on a building’s roof and he fell down tumbling over . The alien predator picked him up with two fingers and threw him into another building usung him to break the glass.. Rick doesn’t know how to use his powers yet and as he keep falling hes getting weak. He turned his face up and he’s hurt with blue liquid coming out from his stomach he felt pain all over but managed to get up..but the alien predator is coming again Rick trued to run when he saw that lots of people are hiding under the table and everywhere

Rick:Oh no…if it gets will kill these people..what to do what to do. The alien predator is set to grab him by tearing down the window when Rick

jumped from the window and hugged his face

Rick:uhm..I’m not sure you’ve ever received a hug before so….

The alien predator removed him from his face like an handkerchief and he keep shaking Rick up and down like mixing a Coke in a bottle.

Rick:Don’t shake me before you eat me…I’m not a drug…what..the fuckkkkk

The alien predator seems to be having fun with his so called food and he decided to end the play by putting the food in its tummy. The greenish liquid drops on Rick’s head(his blue alien head) “arrrrouch” he let out a mixed scream of a guy and a girls scream.ut pains like death.

Rick used his legs to keep the predator’s mouth open and when Rick’s hand touched the sharp scary teeth of the predator……….wowww

Rick shape shifted and looked exactly like the alien predator now they are of the same size and height. Rick couldn’t find the right word for the craziness he’s feeling. The alien predator was baffled and he thought Rick is his shadow. The alien predator moved it’s hsbd and Rick did the same..the alien predator roared and Rick did the same…during this change your style that Rick is playing,the reporters are there already filming from an angle.

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The predator is now getting scared as the shadow it pictured is not moving again.

Rick clenched his fist and rolled it twice before landing it on the predator’s mouth.

Two scary teeth removed and it turn back on Rick. They both keep exchanging punches. The predator carried a truck and slam it on Rick but Rick shape shifted into a water and the truck scattered on the road. The water start forming a long arrow and it twist itself running towards the alien predator. The water like ice rod thrust the predator’s brain and as big as it is,it landed heavily and badly the surrounding area shook and the cars flung away from the scene.

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Rick turned to his alien form and when he see that people are starting to come out of their hiding place,he flew up high and disappeared.

The whole of Skull city was shocked.


Rick returned to the lab panting heavily and feeling crazy …he was laughing like

crazy you will think he’s mad. Fuya appeared to him Fuya:Tutana..

Rick:Fuck off lady alien… Im not Tutana

Fuya:(she smiled)

Rick:uh?is that a smile?…

Fuya:Tutana chose the right was your first time and you managed to take the predator out

Rick:But….my life.. what will happen to my job?

Fuya:Nobody knows you..your Secret is safe and concealed….but I don’t think you

can do worldly things again

Rick: Worldly?what?

Fuya:I saw your past with a lady

Rick:Nora?she’s my girlfriend…..what no that’s impossible Nora can’t do without

sex and I’m not ready to give it up.

Fuya:Your body system has changed…and everything about you…going with your blue blood..and the powers you possessed.youre poisonous to human system…how I wish you understand this. When supernaturals mate together…their inner spirit and wildness is linked together therefore a new baby will be formed immediately…don’t risk it.

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Rick:Why am I not healing?after ruining my sex life you should be able to to help me.

Fuya:There is something left for you to know I

prepared it just in case (she turn her hand swiftly amidst air and a box of drugs appeared more like a potion.)

Here always inject yourself with this whenever you’re not healing. I need to go Rick:What?why?

Fuya:Hide those drugs she’s coming.

Fuya disappeared and Nora entered looking scared.

Nora:Oh thank God you’re okay I was worried

Rick:I warned you to be careful didn’t I?(he said arching his brow angrily)

Nora:Rick you know that’s my job I must protect the people

Rick:….I’m I’m just glad you’re okay

Nora:Don’t tell me you didn’t see the whole thing that happened?

Rick:See what?

Nora:We have an alien hero at the city it saved me.

Rick:You’re hallucinating again

Nora:What?, No!

Rick:Come on let’s go home you need rest.

Nora:No we need to inspect the whole city before signing off.if you don’t believe me we will watch the news tomorrow.

Rick sat on the chair near the spinning machine with his head hung down deep in thought.

When it was 8:00 he left the lab for home.


He got home and removed his clothes and entered the bathroom to shower after the rough day. He was about to wash his hair with shampoo when he remembered what happened last time so he dropped the shampoo and dried his hair with towel. He dressed up in a casual clothes and sank in the couch he managed to get the remote and switched on the TV.



Rick:What the…..I’m caught on camera. My first time and this happened?Fuyaaaa

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