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Marked By The Sky – Episode 5

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky

Alien predators

Rick opened the window and saw the confusion going on downstairs. People running, screaming and crying.

Julie saw the huge creature from afar grabbing people like stick and munching on their face,it will eat the eyes and drop the remains. It’s not yet in the Sky town so the police rushed over to the entrance with weapons and other deadly things they can use in capturing as animal.

Rick and Julie helped few people into the hospital.

Skull entrance

The huge creature like an alien used it’s tail to slap a building and the glass shattered on the floor which give him more chance to pick people hiding in a building.

Nora and her team with other officers got there and started firing at the disgusting creature but the bullets either reach the body and return back to the area it was projected or it crash on the body of the creature and bend thus falling on the ground. The shooting spree looks like sport to this creature and it never stopped moving,the more it moves the more it snarls exposing it’s teeth and weird mouth to the people. Suddenly it became very fast and keep carrying people flying away to the sky,it will drop the dead body and then land on a building and take another person.

Nora:This is happening in broad daylight and we can’t stop it?


Rick:This is the creature that has been killing the people..I hope Nora can be careful oh God(he’s still watching from the window)

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Now the police are even running away as the creature carries one car and drop it on another causing it to explode. Crashing trucks on public buses 12 people are dead already.everyone escaped except Nora. She entered the army shooting car which is used on battle field with an aim that sends bomb. Nora entered and closed the cover on herself she keep driving the truck towards the creature and firing continuously at it the creature feeling threatened carried a big car and used it to sweep the truck away. Both the car and the tanker crashed together but Nora was

quick to escape when she saw the creature approaching from the camera. She jumped into a heap of tires that they set before fleeing. She cock her gun and removed the control of the boom she found in the tanker. The creature kicked the tires away and collect her gun bending it amidst it’s fingers then it hold Nora looking at her carefully to get her eyes. The greenish fluid is starting to come out already and I’m sure you know the implication of the fluid(it burns the body like acid and even softens the ribs)

Rick who was still looking start getting scared,he sped to the elevator but damn it wasn’t working,this sadness aroused in him and he didn’t Know what pushed him to the window,he went to the window beside the restroom and fell off without thinking of the consequences, he’s falling and he’s not feeling anything like power or someone to carry him up..he keep falling and now hes close to the ground it just remain his head to land on the floor and burst out open..

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Out of nowhere , this strong vigour came and he turn amidst air scratching his body without reason. He scratched his head and his hairs fall off his skin changed to blue and now in alien form but he’s his normal human height. He went up and shape shifted into a bat. He flew past the alien predator and makr a turn toland on it’s neck. He used his claw to scratch its eyes and it dropped Nora.

If Nora fall on her own without a soft thing to land on she will die because the height is high so he shape shifted again to his alien form and carried Nora in a bridal style and will ease he land on both legs and Nora jumped down cuz Rick is taller than her

Nora:Oh…my….holy cow

Alien:Go go now

Nora ran away from the messy zone and hid in a building.

Now the alien Rick is standing in front of the alien predator.

Rick:Is this really real?(he said looking at himself.


Please is Rick’s transformation not funny?..please don’t go and be scratching your head o that your hair will fall off and change as well.

My stories are ficti


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