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Marked By The Sky – Episode 3

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky

Jerry Island

It’s still raining in the woods and the cops are there already. They saw no one except dead bodies of 5 men with their guns by their side. They were killed brutally just like the dead girl at the city. All of the bodies are with no eyes and legs. The cops decided to search the entire forest I case if any more dead. They tied

a red sign on the scene ( a do not enter sign) . Nora led team 921 to the east side and MC’call led the second team. They are both skilled and intelligent officers.

Somewhere in the forest.

Tutana could be seen running away from something,he was leaping from one tree to the other . He looks so scared even as a powerful Alien. A huge monsterous figure could be seen chasing him he’s also an Alien but he’s Alien predator (as you know that everything has a specie). That Alien predator killed the gun men and wanted to eat tiny Tutana as well. Tutana ran towards the south and land in front of McCall and the rest of the team

: what’s that?

:It looks so tiny..with big eyes


:That’s they really exist?

McCall:That’s our department we deal in these creatures.. we must catch him Tutana keep watching and standing on the spot squealing as if to warn them but

they don’t understand his language.

One of the men came forward withdrawing his pistol back to his chamber. But Tutana jumped high and turned into a Crow he flew away.

McCall:What the….did that thing just shape shifted?

Before they could figure out what chased Tutana,the alien predator came in a swift and carried one of the police men away.

McCall quickly brought out his radio handset calling Captain Nora.

McCall:Reverse 211 Reverse 211

Nora: Cold whale here over

McCall:Cold whale do you copy? Over

Nora:I copy.. over

McCall: Danger.. I repeat Danger over

Nora:Wilco… Over.

Then the rain ruined their signal and the network break

McCall:(network cracking) Break Break I repeat..bbbb..

Nora:Reverse 911 do you copy

McCall:Break( terms used when the network is bad)


Nora assembled the team, McCall noticed a heavy thud behind him he turned quickly and saw half body of one of his team looking ugly he trued to shoot the approaching figure but it carried him as well dropping the radio behind.

Nora got to the scene and everywhere is a mess also with McCall’s dead body.

Nora called for back up.

Honeymoon suite

Tutana escaped into a building through the open window. He sense approaching footsteps and he shape shift into a drop of water on the cabinet. Cara who’s the new bride came to the kitchen to prepare a coffee for the cold night she removed the plastic cover and the liquid on it dropped into a glass cup(Tutana) Cara used the same glass cup to prepare coffee and she drank it. She went to her husband to consummate their night.

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Now it’s morning Nora arrived back at the city looking messed up, terrified and scared.

Rinokin lab

Rick prepared hot tea for her and assured her to calm down. She narrated everything to Rick and soon the dead bodies we’re brought in.

Rick:The same thing killed these men. They have the same death torture and Marks. No eyes as well.

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Rick and his assistant Julie put the bodies in a freezer the type used in a morgue.

He brought out the other girl that was found first.

Nora: Something big and dangerous is coming for New York City.

Rick: Something big and unknown.

You should go rest in the main hospital we need to carry out a test.

Nora exit the lab and Rick open up the body. an autopsy was performed on it. He put on his scanning glass and saw finger prints on the dead body with a greenish sticky liquid underneath the rib. He lift up the mild rib that has become weak and the sticky liquid smells horrible and unbearable. Rick and Julie St coughing but he went to the shelf and released a gas into the atmosphere… The smelling greenish liquid almost make them pass out. They draw out the liquid for a test . After 4 hours of being indoor they came out locking the lab so the odour won’t

escape outside.

Police Station

Captain Nora and few other officers armed up so as to find the predator before it attack the City.

Rinokin hospital

Nurse: incoming…..

A lady was brought into the hospital screaming in pain like she’s in labour and something trying to get out of her stomach.

She was rushed to Rick’s lab. It’s Cara,she woke up only to find her stomach swelled up so big like a pregnant woman,her husband was surprised because they just had sex last night.

They carried out a test for her and saw that a strange creature is in her stomach so they transferred her to Rick.

Rick:you know I don’t work on normal science project

Director:This is not normal… It’s an alien get it out quick before it comes out thrusting the stomach.

Everyone left Rick to his work and his assistant Julie set the table Rick:It’s okay.. you’re gonna be fine okay? Breath ..try to breath in and out Cara:Oh God…shit I can’t my stomach is tearing up… Get it out get it out please

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Julie:Sir I think an operation will be better

Rick:It will complicate the matter one touch of knife and it will come tearing the

whole stomach.

Cara:Pll pleaswsss

Then the creature stopped moving and Cara lost consciousness

Julie:Oh no her pulse is falling

Rick:Let try to get the baby out.

Rick inserted his hands into her and could Sense the baby’s leg, he grab it and tried to drag it out but it turn in a sec and bit Rick’s hand. Rick:Awwwwwww what the… The baby bit me

Julie:Sir that’s silly the baby gat no teeth

Rick:It’s not a baby

Before Rick could finish his statement, Tutana came out tearing the stomach and he fell on the shelf. With the sight of blood dripping from the torn stomach and intestines on the floor, Julie passed out due to shock. Tutana screech at Rick and he fell off from the high building through the window. He crashed on the ground and it burst out open. It died and blue liquid start coming out. The car it fell on start making an alarm noise which calls the attention of nearby Police.

Rick had the most horrible experience ever since he started working on mysterious cases. He checked his index finger that Tutana bit and it’s bleeding already. He hurried over to the sink and rinse it with an alcohol to disinfect it. Then he bandaged it.

Rinokin hospital packed the remains of Tutana and freeze it in the lab for further investigation. The news of dead Cara the new bride hurt her husband and he left after taking her dead body for burial.

This happened all in a day it feels like a dream so Rick decided to retire early for the day.

He got home and dropped his coat on the sofa,he was so tired and he collapsed on the Sofa he slept off. Then he start hearing whispers and people talking. The noise is so disturbing that he got up angrily ready to warn his neighbor.

He opened the door and was surprised to see everywhere quite. He turn to enter his house when he saw people arguing very far away from his house,the 14th house to his . He was surprised to be able to hear their conversations despite being far.

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