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Marked By The Sky – Episode 20

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky

Nora’s jaw dropped and she start crying

Nora:What are we gonna do bout it?

She lift up her dress to check her stomach

Julie:We will abort it before it starts growing

Nora Continued crying and Julie hug her

Julie:But we need to get you to an hospital first…the instruments are there

Nora:But your cover….what if they recognize you?

Julie:We’re gonna sneak in don’t worry okay?I can’t leave you like this it’s a monster in that stomach.

4 hours later

Julie went to the bedroom to check on Nora but met her in a bad state. She’s sweating profusely,her lips are purple,her eye bags are dark and her eyeballs are pale yellow she’s completely messed up also her stomach has grown.

Julie:Oh my God…. Nora what..what happened to your stomach?

Nora has been crying since and she look so old

Nora:Julie please help me get rid of this thing.if it can grow up to this extent in 4 hours…then it will soon come out tearing my stomach apart…I don’t wanna die please.

Julie:Don’t cry okay?

Julie disguised herself with a wig and heavy make ups,she help Nora to the car and she took her to Rinokin hospital.

Rinokin hospital

Julie left Nora in the car and she went upstairs to the lab to change into her uniform. She put on a nose cover and used her ID to pass through the security personnel. She pushed a stretcher downstairs and help Nora lie on it before taking her back upstairs.


Julie attach straps of wires to Nora’s wrist and stomach before putting the scanning machine on her stomach an advanced and newly developed one in form of a board. Julie saw the creature and she block the screen so Nora won’t see it Nora:Let me see it please (she whisper painfully)



Julie move away from the screen and Nora saw the predator baby in her she burst out crying and hit her back on the bed.

Julie:We can’t operate on you Nora it’s dangerous the predator is resting on the placenta and it’s claw is sticker to the wall of your womb.

Nora:Please just get it out of the me please I don’t care just get it out

Julie:No you can’t die…Rick ask me to take care of you I can’t disappoint him.

Nora Continued crying and her cheek are red already.


Some gun men break the door open shooting at anything in sight.

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Julie helped Nora to the next room and they closed the door.

Julie:Those animals how did they find me?…Nora can you move?

Nora:No no it’s very painfully…I can’t

Julie:aoh no.

(From outside) :Find her she’s very dangerous she must not escape.

They gun men opened the door and release rain of bullets into the room.

Julie Who’s up on the ceiling holding the wall with her claws,she jumped on one of the gun men and slashed his throat with her claws.

One man tried to carry her but she did a back flip by climbing the operating table to land a kick on the man facing her.

She then turn herself over and flip herself to escape from the grasp of the unknown enemy.

She slash the man’s head horizontally and very deep. She picked a vase and hit tge last man with it

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She opened the cabinet and helped Nora out.

They quickly catch the elevator before more men come for them.

When they got to the parking lot, Julie was about to enter the car but then she felt her leg disappointing her,she felt a small dart on her neck…it’s a tranquilizer so she slept off Immediately.

The higher ups send another inner DMC members who’s more capable. He’s sheriff Shane.

Sheriff Shane:Hmm so my secret weapon works. Carry her to the other car…and as for her,our experiment on her is not yet complete..she’s scared but it’s showing good response. Carry her to the white bus now.

Inner DMC

Nora opened her eyes and noticed she was chained down and with electric shocks surrounding her bed so no one will touch her.

Julie was woken up with bucket of water emptied on her face.

Shane:How was your sleep?

Julie:What..what are you?

Julie’s POV

He doesn’t

look normal like a human being I can feel his strong scent.

Julie was chained with a copper wire and a shock attached to it.

Shane:Interesting .Nice question, I’ve heard about you but never thought you’re this cool. Okay I’ll give you three seconds to guess what I am.

Julie:Where is the girl?

Shane:I hate leaving my questions unanswered.

Shane pressed a button on his remote and Julie’s hands caught fire which in turn burn her hands.

Julie:Arghhhhh have

Shane:I love my work…I developed it specially for bitches like you. Mercury bitches.

It’s called Ricin so I’m gonna start asking you questions and for every wrong answer,Ricin is gonna be the judge.

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Bring him in

A masked man pushed a young man insude and removed his blindfold.

Julie:TTT…Troy!!! …what are..

Please let him go please he hasn’t done anything wrong please…. he’s innocent

Shane:what to do this is my favourite scene..I love watching emotional event live and direct.

So for any wrong answer either him or Ricin…it’s left to me so think we’ll before you answer.

Shane until her and wrap the Ricin wire on her leg

Shane:Don’t be shy okay? I’ll be right here waiting for you guys….carry on with

your emotional reunion.

Troy:Julie…how ….did…

Julie:I’m sorry Troy I’m sorry I didn’t mean to cause you so much pain I’m so sorry

Troy:Don’t be sorry…I’m just glad to see you alive again…but not like this…. you’re

bleeding why have these men Kidnapped you?

Julie:I can’t tell you anything right now but I’m sorry….we can’t be together..

Troy:Whay!?…you left me before and now you’re leaving me again

Shane:Awwwn look at the climax. Seems you don’t know what your wife is do you?

And you Julie I guess your supposed to be husband didn’t even know what you are…but what are friends for I’ll help you.

Shane removed a hammer from his tool box and forced Julie’s hands on the table,he Crush her index finger with the hammer and Julie scream out in pain.

Troy was angry but he couldn’t do anything,he ran to her aid to check her wounded hands but was surprised to see no wound just bloodstains.

Shane:Now where’s the blue Alien?Tutana I’m looking for him i was sent to kill him

Julie breath heavily because she’s just recovering from the pain

Julie:You don’t need to torture me for that information. I don’t know where he is

Shane:Really!?see the like detector machine says you’re lying seems you don’t know who’s interrogating you.

Shane turned to a predator and he snarl at Julie pouring out sticky liquid on her.

Shane:Will you tell me now before I kill your fiance.?

Cold room

Nora’s stomach has grown a lot like that of 6 months old. Her water broke but instead of watery fluid she start seeing blood.

She keep shouting for help but no one tend to her and the electrical shock is shocking her whenever she tries to move out.

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