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Marked By The Sky – Episode 2

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky

Set in New York City,is a street full of crowds and panicking People, sirens

blaring traffic and ambulance Cops:Stay back stay back

Nora: go back i don’t want to see anybody here

It’s a dead body that dropped from the sky halfly eaten and with no eyes people were scared and dogs were barking. Nora is the leader of the Mysterious death department. So she followed the ambulance and drove to Rinokin hospital for further investigation.

Rinokin hospital

Nurse: Incoming incoming make way

The dead body of a lady was sent to the lab where Rick works.

Rick is a professional Surgeon and a researcher. He was given the position of working with the police department in case of mysterious deaths so that part of the lab is far away from the hospital room specifically. During years of working together he fell in love with Cop Nora and they started dating.


Rick:What the… This looks ugly tell me about it

Nora:She dropped dead from the sky we couldn’t find the cause of deaths.

Rick:where is her legs …the rest of her body I mean and the eyes

Nora:The killer took them

Rick: This is dangerous.. what will be the people’s opinion now that they think they’re in danger

Nora: We’re working on something to say..

Rick:We can’t touch it yet we need to freeze the body for a day so as to make sure all the evidence and clue are not mixed up Nora:Copy that

Rick:What are you doing after work

Nora:Nothing just going home

Rick:Really?what bout now?(now looking at her mischievously)

Nora:hmmm got it.

Nora went over to lock the door and Rick let down the curtains. He rushed over and carried Nora making her sit on his waist and then put her on the operating table. Nora removed her gun and belt while Rick pull off his clothes in hurry.

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Somewhere on an island .(Forest)

It’s raining heavily and a UFO could be seen landing on the ground with

full speed and lots of noise. The door was opened and group of Aliens came out in twos They are green and some are blue with long ears,as you know Aliens have no hairs.A little alien came out when everyone has left, seems like he was late getting off now he’s looking for the rest.

Somewhere on the island

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Newly married couple came here for their honeymoon and wish to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Bride:I will be back i need to take my wedding gown off then I’ll shower Groom:You’re kidding me right?..that’s my duty also let shower together it sounds fun. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this day Bride:What?!(scared)you…mean..we will shower together? Groom:Oh .now I get you you’re not ready for this yet.

Bride:(she nodded not facing him)

Groom: we’re staying here fir two weeks anyway I won’t rush you… I’ll get us a

juice..or hot tea?

Bride:Orange juice



Alien: Alert Alert there is danger…the humans discovered us we need to leave. Alien 2:(she made a call to get the rest)

In few seconds they assembled and entered the room UFO( alien spacecraft) then some men were seen firing at the UFO.but they quickly disappeared into space since the sky is cloudy and it’s getting late.


Alien 1:We left the prince behind he’s in danger

Alien 2:The prince is more skilled than us he will be fine…. But I’m worried as

well he’s so tiny how will he get back home?

Alien 3:Let return back home first I’m sure the prince won’t want us to be caught as well.

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The gun men were seen patrolling the forest with Torches and armed weapons. 1st Man:We’ve been waiting for their arrival ever since that machine announced it two years back ..that’s great fortune out there

Then the prince Tutana heard this and became scared,he attempt to run and stepped on a branch, initially the branch should have been wet and shouldn’t create sounds but it’s rotten already so it split open and they heard.

Tutana quickly shape shifted into a beetle and became smaller 2nd man:Did anyone hear that?

6th man;yes I did as well

1st:So we won’t waste our efforts after all they’re still


New York

Nora is seen cuddled up in Rick’s arm both are asleep already after the good energy taking exercise. Rick is actually in a dream The dream

Rick found himself in a strange forest and he saw a UFO leaving for the sky. He keep looking and then noticed his body changing to green and he’s fizzing.

He woke up and was totally exhausted. Nora too woke up because of the sudden

action of Rick getting up.

Nora:What’s wrong you okay?

Rick:Yeah..uh just a dream

Nora:Dreams are silly

Rick:I know but it’s scary

Nora:Your job is more scarier you’re being hunted by mysterious things you’ve Operated

Rick:(he chuckled)exactly!!

He lean over and kissed her

Nora:But you know having sex on the operating table is dangerous!it can cost you

your job and it’s not healthy

Rick:but it’s fun

Nora:Yeah right.

Then a call came on her phone and she picked it

Nora:Yes sir I’ll be right there

Rick:Another mysterious case?

Nora:Not sure yet.. but suspected murder on Jerry’s island. Bye.

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