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Marked By The Sky – Episode 18

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky

Wrecked cars

Fallen buildings

Fire on houses and people screaming

Fuya is destroying the city. Setting fires on anything moving.

Mr Bush led the team to Skull with different weapons and armors…grenades.

Gose,one of the police men fired at her and few others came on helicopters since Fuya is taller than most buildings.

Some police offucers are firing at her to buy attention so they can capture her easily.

The bullet indeed hit her and piece through her body but she never went down. She place her heavy feet on the ground and crushed the police men hiding in the cars. She noticed rain of bullets showering on her from above,she raise her head up and saw flying machines that looks like a bug to’s an helicopter with forces firing at her. She raised up her hand to pick it. She break it into two and squeeze the iron parts in between her palm before throwing it away like paper.

Mr Bush:What a bitch. We made you like this and you escape?….time to go back

home. Prodigal Fuya

Mr Bush lied on a building far away from skull and he set his giant grenade launcher on a holder. He look through the holes to get a good shot and it’s exactly on Fuya’s chest.

He released it and it hit her going through her body and landing on the other side. Fuya bow down to look at her chest that’s emitting fire, she roar and start running towards the projection angle.

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Inner DMC

There is no one around, they’ve all gone for a meeting.

The electricity in the area start to rise and it’s of high voltage.

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One of the glass tube broke due to too much of electricity passing through the plugs attached to it.

One of the big glass tube exploded and a creature fell down on the shattered glass and sticky liquid on it.

The creature stood up shaking because of the cold freezer,it couldn’t move properly but it staggered to the next room as if something attracted it. It’s JULIE

and she’s naked. (She’s alive she made it good heavens)

She stare intently at Rick in a cold glass tube turned upside down….she lift her leg

up and stamp it on the floor before Punching the tube with great force.

The ice shattered on the floor and Rick slipped out shaking on the floor.

Julie:Boss!(she said without emotion on her face)

Rick rose up without clothes on him

He changed to his Alien form and Julie did also.

Another building in DMC

Nora was beaten black abd blue because she didn’t allow the scientists to take any girl out of the room for experiment but they hit her with a vase and she’s weak. They’ve picked 7 girls already and it’s her turn.

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The scientists came in and she pretended to be dead.

Girl: She’s dead… You guys killed her..she bleed to death.

Man:Carry her and freeze her up.

They opened the door and Nora flipped the man holding her,she slapped the other lady’s head on the door and she passed out.

She snatched the syringe from the leader and she inserted it on his neck.

Nora:Guys runnn now…the exit is on the 3rd floor.

The girls took to their heels

More officers came in for Nora and they chained her down.

They took her to the lab and inject her with anaesthesia….she closed her eyes

forcefully..her vision became blurry and she slept off.

They brought in the predator sticky liquid.

They want to perform artificial insemination on her.


Fuya grab Mr Bush and squeeze him tight that his eyes are bulging out then another grenade was released on her. She drop Mr Bush and she fell on a building.

Mr Bush landed on the bare floor and his legs was broken with bone sticking out. He let out a cry and brought a pain killer from his inner pocket,he inject himself

with it and groan… crawling to a safe place.


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