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Marked By The Sky – Episode 17

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky

Good day citizens… brought to you this morning on Truze TV is about an accident that happened yesterday night. It was a very tragic and touching one at that.

It took the city an emotional moment as a young lady whose wedding is on the 17th of August today as planned died in a car accident with her four friends.

Apparently the bride and her friends were going on a party before the car brake failed and it crashed into a pole which resulted to explosion of the car. The five bodies burnt to coal with no survivors… Here is a clip of the dead bodies retrieved from the car.

Rick could not bear it anymore and he bow his head in shame and regretting his carelessness Nora consoled him and tried to cheer him up.

When Troy heard the news of Julie’s death he was so heartbroken and he lost his senses,he has been crying since last night and breaking things in the house. He sees Julie everywhere he goes,he smells her clothes and hug her frame.

He set the wedding gown and his suit on fire which nearly took his life as the fire caught flammable things in the house.

He was rescued and locked in a psychiatric hospital.


Rick:I will destroy DMC.. I’ll avenge Julie’s death and get Fuya back. Nora:You can do all these when you recuperate okay?

Then Nora received a text

Mr Bush

Report to work now

Nora’s heart keep beating faster

Rick:What is it?

Nora:No it’s nothing

Nora’s POV

If I tell Rick that Mr Bush sent me the text..he will want to cause Trouble and I can’t let him risk his life for me again.

And if I refuse to go, Mr Bush will suspect him

Nora: I’ll be back I want to get groceries from the market

Rick: I’ll drop you off i need to visit Mrs Bill as well…about.. Julie Nora:Oh ok please stop being so depressed.

Rick:I’m feeling guilty Nora her death is on me.

Nora held his hand and led him outside to the car.

Rick start the car and left the estate

He dropped Nora off at the market and drove away.

While Nora hail a taxi to DMC.

Inner DMC

Benny:Sir this is so surprising….Mr Rick is the second alien?

Mr Bush:We need to confirm it.because if Julie is …. definitely the second alien is

Rick since she once saved him at the airport also …He shows up whenever Nora is in danger.

Benny:So how are we going to catch him?

Mr Bush:It’s already been taken care of.

The taxi driver that carried Nora start looking at her ferociously.

At first Nora didn’t notice and then the man changed his route to an abandoned road in the forest.

Nora:Hey Mr Man… you’ve missed your way Driver:(he remain silent)

Nora: Can’t you hear me?do you know who I am?I’m a cop stop.the car now stop the car.

The taxi driver refused and Nora threatened to shoot still no reaction from him. Nora didn’t want to shoot so she won’t face face the jury on how she used her bullets. She tried to open the door and it was locked now she’s left with no choice. She gave a head shot to the driver from behind.

The bullet went through his skull and came out at the front piercing the front glass and it all shattered on the steering wheel.

Nora was surprised the car didn’t stop moving despite shooting the driver ..until the man’s skull closed back and the wound heal up Immediately.

Nora shot at the glass and she squeeze herself through the window and she fell on the road.

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It’s a moving car so when she fell,she incurred an injury and got bruises all over. The scary driver stopped the car and alighted from the car. It changed into a giant

predator and he twist his neck to the left and the right before kicking the car away

with it’s tail. Enjoy more interesting stories for free at

Nora ran out of bullets she dropped her gun and ran for her life…while running she brought out her phone and texted

Rick I’m in trouble…Marbles road..come soon please

She was an to press the send button when the predator slap her hand with his tail and rge phone fell.

Nora tried to get hold of t

he phone but the predator wrap her I between his fingers and took her away. Due to the suffocating hand of the predator,Nora passed out and The predator

took her to a building.

He tied her to a chair and splash water on her face to wake her up.

Nora opened her eyes and she was welcomed with the creature’s ugly snarl.

He can talk but his voice is so deep and scattered.

He snap at Nora and said”Call your hero boyfriend now”

Julie’s house.

Rick received a text from Nora and he rushed out of the building.he abandone the car abd he start running with his super speed …tge heat was so much and yellow forces surround his whole body,he changed to his alien form and he jump up soaring high in the sky before landing on a building. He can’t fly but he can jump. He continued leaping from one building to another before he got to the forest.

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He use his ability to trace Nora’s smell since they’ve always been together.

He heard strange echoes around the west area and he went there.

He was thrown back with the predator’s tail full of blades and he fell on the ground holding his stomach.

He rose up

Rick:Not this time…time to fuck off stupid predators

Predator:Let see

Rick:You can talk?…

Predator: there are natural predators but I was made…..created to end you. Guess

what?I’m dangerous

The predator shape shifted to Rick’s alien form. A blue alien and he let out a loud laugh.

Predator:Now we’re the same

The predator disappeared and appeared at his back giving him a kick on his neck

and Rick fell.

Rick:(he groan) you’re talking about predators… yourself… haha you know

what? don’t fight what you don’t know…I’m an alien I’m strange to you I’m different I’m foreign…you don’t fucking know what I am….(he said this and his voice grew more powerful)

Rick shape shifted to a fire ball and hit the predator away.

The fire ball on his body break the shape shifting power in him and he turned back to his predator form.

Rick:An angry lion create fear but a wounded lion create havoc.(in a distorted voice)

The predator charged at him to thrust his claw into his shoulder but Rick shoot his hand up and his metal claws came out from the phalanges.

He twirl around and rose up making another turn In air and he jumped on the predator’s back inserting his metal claw into his soft head and he removed every sticky rubbish in his head.

The predator dropped dead and Rick went to Nora using his claw to cut the rope and the tangled web dropped on the floor.

Nora:Oh thank God you’re okay I thought I was gonna die

Rick changed to his human form and embrace Nora to stop crying.

Rick:This is just the beginning Nora I need your help.

Then an approaching figure cane in carrying a big machine gun and a round grenade projector.

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Mr Bush:Well well well look at the city hero. Nice meeting you personally.

Rick hid Nora behind him and he shoot out his claw again.

Mr Bush:nah you won’t want to do that except if you want to hurt your brace girlfriend

Nora:What do you want?

Mr Bush:What else? nothing…you’ve helped me already by bringing him here… I’ll forgive you of your have the opportunity to walk away now else your widow procession will be in your presence.

Nora:You won’t do anything to him.

Mr Bush:of course I won’t…I need him alive. Just a lil bit sorry about your assistant death Bride Julie

That statement hurt Rick to the bone and he charged at him to slit his throat when an unknown arrow came out of nowhere and hit him. Nora:Rick!!!!!

Mr Bush:Sorry baby you’re not needed now.the poison is contagious.

Two officers came in and drag Nora away.

Mr Bush released an Alien repellent on Rick and he went into shock.

After 3 minutes he passed out and he was carried to the lab as well.

Inner DMC

Rick was placed in a glass tube and turned upside down on standing. Then they freeze him.

Nora was taken Mr Bush office and they tied his hands.

Nora:You stupid fish brain of the hen’s family.

How can you be so fucking wicked what have you gained in killing the innocent girl ?what have you gained in captu

ring Rick huh!?

You think you can cover everything up like you did for Julie?I won’t allow that I will never allow that you trash.

Mr Bush:Untie her Benny

Benny untied her and she flip Benny to the front slamming her head on the table,then she snatch her gun and release a shot into her head. She dropped dead on the floor.

Mr Bush:Cool.

He made a call and seconds later,two men came in to carry Benny’s dead body.

Mr Bush:Benny was my favourite but you killed her I’m not angry…you’re destined to do more than that

Nora:Why are you still keeping me here?

Mr Bush:Nice QUESTION. There is a predicted Alien war on planet Earth. I want to prevent that and make a name for myself but your hero boyfriend seems to be ruining my plans.

So we’re currently creating an Alien… Our handmade Alien with the same reasoning and intelligent quotient like real Aliens but they will listen to us only. But all our experiment failed but nevertheless we figured out another way to do that.

And that’s by growing a little Alien in the human body…and that’s where you came

into the picture baby.


Mr Bush:We need just 15 girls and because of your crime for betraying your profession I recommend your name for the 15th specimen.

Nora:You want me to…wait innocent girls to be pregnant with an alien child…that’s death… Aliens percentage In successful delivery is want to kill another 15 innocent souls.

Mr Bush:That sounds heroic I’m proud of myself.

Five scientists dressed in white came inside the office and they covered their face,they injected Nora and took her away.


The ground start shaking and buildings began to collapse. People are running and screaming. Anywhere they tried to stay for safety that place will collapse as well then approaching footsteps could be heard. A huge one at that It’s a giant Alien with fire on it’s chest like Hades .

She punch a building to the ground and keep creating havoc.

It’s Fuya


I hope it’s not predator Fuya.

Rick was frozen..Julie was Frozen as well

What’s gonna happen?

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