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Marked By The Sky – Episode 16

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky

Guys get your handkerchief ready okay?

Mr Bush called Nora not to come for tonight anymore that they will arrest the alien tomorrow.

Rick stood up to wear his clothes and he develope a big headache and he fell back asleep on the bed.

Nora: stay here I’ll try my best to rescue her

Rick:No this is too risky,you can’t

Nora:You know I’m the stubborn type.

Nora went in to suit up and she load her ammunition then she went out.


Mr Bush and few other load up their Guns and deadly weapons they use in catching monsters.

Mr Bush:Get ready boys,it’s a huge mission tonight.

The tunnel opened and they left the room,Nora slipped before the door closes She went to the room where Fuya was held captive but to her surprise it was


A lady saw her and questioned her Lady:Hey who are you?how did you get in?

Nora removed her I.D from her belt and showed it to the lady Nora:New member of IDMC

Lady:oh oh sorry miss but what can I do for you?

Nora:The specimen that was kept here yesterday where is it?

Lady:Mr Bush ordered us to move it to another location

Nora:Another location where?

Lady: Nobody knows we only load the tube into a vehicle

Nora:Where is Mr Bush?


Nora:OC what?

Lady:don’t worry ma’am it’s slip of tongue Nora:Ok I’ll leave now.

The lady left the room and Nora suspect danger with the reaction of the lady.

Nora saw a note in the cabinet and she saw the code that the lady mentioned earlier.

Nora:OCTWA) Operation catch the white Alien

The nerdy girl put a call through to Mr Bush about Nora Mr Bush:Yes Benny

Benny:Sir an intruder is here looking for the specimen

Mr Bush:Who is it?

Benny:Sheriff Nora

Mr Bush:I knew it she’s somehow suspicious

Benny:she didn’t get the code and every member should be able to decide it but she couldn’t

Mr Bush:Don’t allow her to leave that place till we arrive Benny:Okay sir.

Julie’s home

Allison:Hey Julie..tell us about your husband

Julie:He’s not my husband yet

They all laughed and they continue talking

Mr Bush and his team are around already and 4 men went to the back of the house positioning themselves at the window.

Mr Bush signalled to 3 men to stay on guard outside while they storm in

Mr Bush: Warning!! Shoot at sight the suspect is blonde hair and round face.

Shane:Sir there are four ladies inside,what if they get hurt?

Riles:They might be alien as well and taking them down all at once will be good.

Mr Bush:No we can’t act rashly though we have the permission to do anything but we should avoid troubles and our organization might be closed down if they turns out to be innocent.


Julie brought a wine to the sitting room and she pop it open,the girls cheer out loud and stretch forward their glass

Ptaaaa,the door drop to the floor as a result of using a heavy object to break it down.

Mr Bush used the machine use to demolish a house. He used the big ball in the tong to break down the door and it dropped on the floor.

The girls screamed and Mr Bush start firing with his squad.

Julie rushed the girls upstairs so the bullets won’t hit them,they ran upstairs and

lock the door.

Julie: I’ll be back

Allison:No Julie don’t …it’s too dangerous we don’t even know them let call the police

Anita:Our phones…our phones are downstairs

Julie: I’ll get a phone,don’t open the door okay?

Julie opened the window and jumped down from Such a height Landing in the parking lot.

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She tore the Bride tag that was on her clothes and drop it on the floor.She didn’t want to change do her friends won’t get her.

She saw a man with gun walking backwardly looking out for her. She sneak up on him and slit his throat with her claw. She walked over his dead body and saw another cop. He shot at her but she escape it by making a swift run at him..the man

is crazy as well,he dropped the gun and brought out a knife swaying it all around to get a cut.

Julie caught his hands and snapped it but he gave

her a kick on her belly and she staggered back. The man charged at her and Julie jumped high making a kick on the wall and landing it on tge man’s ear and he fell fkat on the floor.

Two more men came out from nowhere and Julie slash the man’s chest since she couldn’t get a neck cut while the other man tried to carry her and flip her away. Julie leapt on a tree and jumped on the man’s neck,she thrust her claws deep into the man’s eyes pulling the eyeballs out on the floor.

More gunmen jog out of the building. Out if 10 men she took out six of them.

She can across the seventh man who was quick to shoot her on the shoulder.

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Damn she’s in her human form

She let out a cry and scurried I the house. She removed the white net of a bride tied to her waist and she used it to make a tourniquet around her shoulder to prevent further bleeding then she tore her dress and use it to bandage her wound.

Mr Bush saw blood on the floor and he traced it. He unload his gun and bullets splatter on the floor,he insert the Amber bullet and reload the gun…he cork it abd saw Julie in the sitting room panting heavily.

Bachelor’s Eve location

Troy left the club since he’s missing Julie already his friends start mocking him calling him inpatient

Brad:ouuu the groom can’t wait anymore look at him getting restless Troy:Stop it Brad,I’m nervous as it is already

Peter:Enjoy your night man. ..your bride to be is enjoying herself with the strippers


Troy:What do you mean? Strippers?

Felix:So you don’t anything…. Hahaha just like bachelor’s Eve where girls will

come over to entertain us likewise there will be male strippers for the girls Daryle:or you’re curious as to what your bride is up to?

Troy:Stop it guys I’m sure Julie is not like that..she will never misbehave

Peter: Should we call the girls?we can cheat and see everything on video call

Troy:No it’s not good for us to see each other before the wedding

Felix:Poof you’re scared you will be disappointed boy.

Troy:I’m not.. I’ll call her now

Troy went to the telephone and rolled the ring 5 times Troy:It’s ringing


Julie veered to the stool to pick the telephone that’s ringing but Mr Bush released a bullet on her leg..she cry out falling on the stool and the telephone fell and broke. She managed to limp and stand up again facing Mr Bush


Troy:The phone was disconnected

Felix:See? they’re enjoying their party

Daryle:Ok ok don’t feel bad okay?tell us about your first meeting

Troy:Uh..Uhmm(he started blushing)we met four years ago…it was a busy morning oh year it was during her final year in college she was rushing to the exam Hall and i kind of bumped into her she was really angry cuz we both fell in a muddy water. She insulted me and cursed at me but I was already in love with her anger

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Inner DMC

Nora escaped by taking another tunnel before they could figure her out.


Nora got home and narrate everything to Rick Nora:Julie is dying tonight

Rick and Nora rushed out of the house.

Nora drive the car while Rick took the back seat since he’s still weak abd Nora is driving at a very high speed.


Daryle:I really love your relationship buddy..go and try her number once again

Troy dialled her number with his own phone,it keeps ringing but no reply

Troy:She’s not picking her phone either

Felix:I will call Emily

He dialled Emily’s number but no one pick up

Felix:Wait guys this is weird even if they are busy,Emily never joke with her phone.

Troy:We need to leave now

Peter:Calm down,we will leave tomorrow,it’s too late to be driving around Brad: don’t worry everything will be okay. Common bottoms up He hand over a drink to him

Mr Bush released another bullet on her

The Amber bullet piece through her heart and blood splatter on the wall

She fell to the ground and everything seems so real,she key out air from her mouth and everything is happening in a slow motion she could hear Erie music playing in tge background,slow movement of Mr Bush kissing his gun appeared on her face,she lip sync his sentence and it says”Goodbye baby A


Hot tears escape from her cornea and she remembered Troy’s happy face before leaving the house. She covered her eyes gradually and stopped breathing.

Nora and Rick arrived at Julie’s house and met nobody except everything and everywhere that was in a mess. Nora examined the whole house but saw no one except the blood stains on the stool and wall.

Rick fell on his knees blaming himself for being too weak and irresponsible “Julie I’m sorry. Please forgive me

Then they hear tires screeching outside,it’s an approaching car

Nora:That’s IDMH car, what are they back?

Rick:Now or never

Nora:Don’t be silly Rick you’re too weak for this.

Nora set the phone on camera and recorded everything about state of the house and then she hid her phone in the book shelf before leaving the area.

7 men alighted from the car carrying boxes and different cleaning materials.

They cleaned everything and got rid of the evidence,they packed the wretched chairs sbd replaced it,they clean the bloodstains on the floor and they left. Nora and Rick came back to get the phone

Nora:I knew it… these animals are always up to something

Rick:Since they got rid of the evidence..I’m sure tomorrow’s news will be hot.

Nora and Rick went back home.

One of Mr Bush officers named Parish carried out the last cruel deed.

He killed Julie’s friends and put them a car,then he killed a girl passing by to replace Julie.

Parish messed with the brake and he drove the car making it run in a very high speed

The man jumped out if the car and it crashed into a pole,it turned upside down and then it exploded.

Julie’s dead body was taken to the IDMC lab for further use. She was frozen and kept in the freezer.


Benny:Sir what are we gonna do about that cop?

Mr Bush:We will watch her for now.

Then a man came rushing in

Man:Sir Sir specim xxg is Missing

Mr Bush:What?????

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