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Marked By The Sky – Episode 15

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky

Julie’s home

Julie’s POV

Boss ask me not to report to work anymore I guess I really need to take a rest. I closed all windows and turn off the lights so as to join my fiance in the room when I suddenly feel the urge to eat…not an ordinary meal my crave for predators start overwhelming me and in twinkle of an eye the nails on my fingers have turned white and my nails are sharper but of medium sizes

Oh no Troy and my mom are around…I can’t change here

Then I heard Troy’s voice from the bedroom calling my name silently and the voice is approaching.

I quickly turn and hide my fingers by making a fist and putting them behind me.

Troy:You’re still awake?you should sleep we have an outing tomorrow Julie: Tomorrow?where?

Troy:(he scoff)you’re kidding me right? We’re going to Glaze house to try on your wedding outfit

Julie:So are you going with me?

Troy:No mom said your friends will be here tomorrow and I need to go check my suite as well.

Julie:Ok….(she said and make a down face)

Troy:Awwwn look at you missing me already

He draw her in and hug her,he then release her and peck her forehead Julie:What are you doing not sleeping?

Troy:I came to watch my late night come and sit with me Julie sit very close to him and Troy draw her more closer facing her



Julie:just 5 days left okay?

Troy:I know just a kiss okay?


Troy grab her hands drawing her back and he noticed her whitish fingers

Before Troy could take a more closer look Julie slip her hands away and switch on

the T.V

She was going to her room but the news caught her attention Reporting live from Bowman’s road.

A very dangerous dinosaur is attacking and killing people… we’re still expecting the police force for help but now everywhere is blocked and

(Then a stone came flying through their direction,they screamed and ran to another spot)

Just like you’ve seen it now..we need help. First we said Aliens didn’t exist but they came storming into the city now the fictitious Dinosaur is here to make itself known…we don’t know who to trust

(Then everywhere went blank and black and white can be seen)

Troy:Oh God protect us…it’s even more scarier now that Bowman is not far from Skull street.

Julie:I think we should sleep now

Julie’s POV

Oh no I’m sure Boss will have heard the news already and he will want to help but he’s badly injured right now.

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Troy and Julie went to the bedroom and Julie used her nail to poke Troy’s neck releasing an alien hallucinogen into him and he slept off…not even sleeping but he won’t remember or notice any movement.

Julie:I’m sorry Troy.

She got up abd changed her dress then she changed to her Alien form and teleported to the scene.

Bowman’s road

Julie appeared there and she found herself in a building,she start looking around and she saw a young girl of 5 crying for help. The dinosaur tried to demolish the house with it’s tail

People had ran for their lives leaving the young girl alone.

Julie went to her

Girl:please please white monster don’t eat me please please don’t eat me Julie:I’m not gonna eat’re too tiny to fill me up(In a trailing voice)

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Julie carried her and she leapt from the window of the building to another building before dropping her for a woman crying and shouting. Lady:Thanks a lot

Julie nod her head and flew away rescuing people Wondering where the dinosaur is.

Rick in his Alien form came crashing to a wall,he hit his back against the wall of a building and the wall cracked with dust falling off and Rick let out a moan but not loud. He’s trying to suppress the pain.

Rick:Where the fuck is Fuya in times like this!

The dinosaur dropped the wrecked car it’s holding and face Rick as if it was sent to him.

Every thunderous and heavy step shakes Rick strength like Hades.

He managed to get up and tried to shape shift to the Dinosaur form but he’s so weak and he couldn’t get a thorough look because it’s very tall.

The dinosaur raised it’s leg to crush Alie

n when a grenade launcher came out of nowhere hitting it’s feet away. The leg of the dinosaur scattered Into fluids but he still land on the bony fleshy wound. It’s Nora with her team.

Nora Continued releasing the grenade and her team start firing.

Rick rise on his feet and shape shifted to a Crow,Mr Bush saw this and he shot at him,the bullet didn’t Pierce him but it graze his wing and he fell from a high building landing on a car.

Mr Bush ran to the place to pick him up when Julie went pass him with a light but quick speed. She use her claw and slash across his face. Mr Bush dropped his gun and held his bloody face dripping with blood.

Mr Bush:The fuck…. Arrest that bitch

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Julie picked the Crow and hold it firmly in her hands.

Nora with her deadly weapon took out the dinosaur and it dropped dead then she came to join the rest and they surround Julie.

They keep firing at her but the bullet keep dropping and flying away from her body.

Julie tried her best in fighting off any threat including Nora.

Then Nora carried the grenade and fired it at her. It hit her and pushed her away.

Nora:We lost that Alien.

Then Mr Bush talked Into his Telecom and a small chopper with camera went towards the direction of the projected grenade.

Mr Bush:Don’t worry…very soon we will know the bitch behind the mask. Nice job everyone.

Siren of ambulance up arrived.

was heard and some department that will clean everything

Mr Bush:Nora I need you at my office.

They left the street and Nora followed him to his office.


Mr Bush press on a button and the ground open up…it’s an underground tunnel


Mr Bush:The thrill is just starting

They entered and Nora saw people going up and down carrying boxes,and some people in whites like scientists with some old people that looks familiar Mr Bush:Welcome to the secret organization.

Nora:What… is …this?

Mr Bush:This is the inner DMC only intelligent and brave officers knows about this organization. We’re called Inner DMC like I’ve said earlier. We investigate deeper into mysterious beings that DMC cannot solve and we create mysterious weapons that can be used against monsters,we carry out experiment and plan what’s good for the city. We’re rich… congratulations.

Nora didn’t get a good feeling about this but since she’s in the tunnel she can’t possibly turn back.

Then an elevator open up and a dead body of the dinosaur cut into pieces was brought in..the smell and sight of it made Nora puke

Mr Bush: Easy there honey.

Nora:That that????

Mr Bush:Why do you think I gave you the best weapon to take it out easily?…we plan the attack to lure those Aliens out and we did. Nora:What(now she’s getting more scared)

A man came to Mr Bush holding an Amber bullet.

Man:This is the bitch sir

Mr Bush:Nice…hunhun(wicked laugh) if a bullet can’t penetrate you…this mysterious bitch will.

Nora:Sir…I’m still confused here.

Mr Bush: Follow me.

Mr Bush led her to a room and she saw an Alien standing upright in a tube and

with a board on the top saying



Guyssss what’s going on???

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