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Marked By The Sky – Episode 15

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky

Nora:This looks like an alien

Mr Bush:Yes baby we caught her with the newly made weapon…an Alien repellent. Sounds crazy right?

She was lurking around Rinokin hospital only God knows why aliens are attracted to that hospital.

Nora:So……why are you telling me this big secret?

Mr Bush:We need someone like you…but today is too tiresome right?go home go and rest then you come back tomorrow officially.

Nora:Ooowk sir

Nora heaved a sigh of relief relief because it all met her in a shock,she hurried outside and took a cab home.

Somewhere around Skull

In an abandoned house is Julie sitting on a broken chair and holding her stomach..lots of mercury is gushing out of her stomach…even small amount of mercury is dangerous not to talk of being in someone’s body. She’s bleeding mercury and her fingers are fading… disappearing and appearing. She cough out and she’s in so much pain

She put the little Crow on the table and forced a smile

The little Crow squeak and hid in its little wings but very drenched in mercury..fluid from Julie’s body.

Julie noticed the Crow isn’t moving anymore

Julie’s POV

No boss no please don’t die now…d..don’t(she said faintly)

She managed to get up and staggered towards the table…she wrap the Crow in her hands and she fly to Rick’s house. She stayed on a tree and threw the Crow in through the window…The Crow changed with a yellow light emitted from it and it changed to Rick.

Dogs start barking and Julie had to leave so as not call attention of the people.

Julie managed to get home and she changed to her human form… Phew luckily for her there was no work on her…her case is that her alien form doesn’t affect her human form .so when next she changes to an alien she’s gonna feel the pain and if she get hurt as a won’t affect her when she changes.

She cried and hold Troy tightly because she almost died today.

Nora arrived at the house and sge entered opening the door and switching on the lights.

She saw a figure sitting on the couch with his head down,she moved closer and saw that it’s Rick. He raised up his head looking all pale and shiny like he used an oil balm to rub his face.

His vision is blurry and his neck is almost shaking.

Nora:I’m back(she said I a mean tone)

Rick:I was worried sick..where have you been?

Nora:Another attack in…wait what happened to you?you look messed up

Rick:It it’s nothing..let talk tomorrow

Nora:No you’re not ..

Before she finished her statement,Rick is already down on the floor lying unconscious.

Nora scream on top of her voice,she was damn scared and she’s crying. She keep slapping his cheek for him to wake up..then she grab the car keys when Rick opened his eyes slightly and said to her”No not the hospital..please no hospital

Nora:What?you’re sick please house.i never knew you were sick

Rick I’m sorry i shouldn’t have left the

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Rick:(he scoff and coughed) Don’t be Nora I just need to sleep…help me to the room.

Nora helped him up and they went to the bedroom.

Nora:You should take off your clothes.

Nora Bru’s his shirt up and she saw a scar..

Nora:What…is .

She unbuttoned the shirt and flung it away.

She saw some ugly scars on him,his stomach and his shoulder…(wait this wound looks familiar)

Nora:The wound is fresh..oh my God Rick where have you been?what are you up to these days?

Rick:I’m sorry Nora..I didn’t tell you before.. I’ll tell you now.

Inner DMC

Lady:Boss the tracking cam is back.

Mr Bush:Did you get it?

Lady:Yes the alien is a lady but we’re still investigating her identity.

She went to a house and threw a stone into that house then she went home and changed right in front of the door

Mr Bush:Well trace that address and anything you found I the cam. Lady:Yes sir


Rick explained everything to Nora and she couldn’t help bu

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t open her mouth in surprise.she keep cursing herself for being so stubborn and being a weakling for Rick when she thought she’s the best in the department. “I’ve caused him so much troubles…he’s always there to save me but what did I do in return? blaming him and not trusting him…oh my God I’m sorry Rick I’m sorry I’m so so sorry..

(She embrace Rick and cuddle his neck)

Rick:it’s okay Nora..I’m passing out my visions aren’t true anymore. Nora:No no please don’t sleep

Rick:I won’t die ..Fuya gave me her powers and im destined to fulfil a mission for

the Aliens.

Nora:Fuya?who’s Fuya?

Rick:My guardian alien..she went to visit her planet she will be back soon

Then Nora remembered what was shown to her earlier today

Nora:Wait…was it a blue alien?with an extra big eyes and flat head

Rick:have you met her?how?

Nora:Holy shit…oh no….so she’s the only one that can solve your problem….no no


Rick:What is it?

Nora: She’s been caught and undergoing test right now…in a secret laboratory


Nora informed Rick of the offer given to her snd how she saw Fuya in a greenish sticky liquid.

Rick:Sticky?Greenish? What are they doing to her?

Nora:Oh God I wonder how Julie is doing I misunderstood her…poor girl her wedding is in five days.

Then Rick fell asleep without him knowing as well. Nora covered him with a blanket and slept beside him under the same blanket hugging him an feeling sorry.

Two days later

Nora didn’t go to work the previous day and Mr Bush keep calling her number but she switched it off. Now when it’s the third day of the offer,she prepared meal for So Rick abd she went to the office.

Mr Bush was annoyed with her and then Nora lied that her family issue came up and her attention was needed that’s why.

Mr Bush forgave her and they went Underground again. Now Nora is trying to get information about the captured alien.

Mr Bush was called by the old lady and Nora used the chance to slip into the laboratory.

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She hid behind the crates and heard them talking.

Man:Those astronauts are back with their news,they predicted an alien war as they saw 17 space rock heading towards planet Earth

:Well that’s why we’re rebuilding this tiny alien into something big so she can help us whenever her species are in fir attack.

Man:But the measurement is too much she’s gonna go berserk for real

:Don’t be scared no matter how feirce she is,she will listen and obey us.

Man: That greenish liquid is from the predator’s remains right?

:Yes it will help transform 2 days the transformation will be completed.

Nora quickly left the room as she’s very scared at the moment, Mr Bush saw her and took her to the computer room.

Mr Bush:How far with it?

Lady with glass Name:Julie Parker

:We found her.

Occupation:An assistant researcher in RINOKIN hospital…she’s in the DMC department

Mr Bush: Interesting she’s I our grasp already.wgat does her social media says?

Lady:Photos of pre wedding shoots are everywhere on her timeline so I guess she’s getting married. Enjoy more interesting stories for free at topster stories.

Nora:What the fuck..Julie is in danger.

Julie’s mansion

Mrs Parker:Baby do you love your wedding gown?

Julie:yes mom I love it. Muah you can get going and let your mind be at rest okay?

Troy:Bye mother my friends will be here soon

Julie:Is it a must you guys go on bachelor’s Eve?it always leads to something else Troy: Jealous wife.. it’s the last night of my freedom before I become yours so don’t get angry okay?(he mock her and went back in)

Soon after,Troy’s friends came around they are four, Brad, Peter,Felix and Daryle. They greeted Julie almost like making her jealous and curious of the programs they listed for Troy. They packed their stuffs and left while Julie’s college friends arrived. She was so glad to see them both long time and close friends. They put a

crown on her head and gave her a band across her shoulder and chest tag ‘The Bride

They decorated the house and start playing latest hits.

Rick’s home

Nora came back home Immediately but Rick is sleeping Rick is having a dream

He found himself on top of a very high building and seems like alien war,they invaded the Earth and caused look so horrible and unimaginable. He was sweating and he gasp out of his dream

Nora: Rick Rick what’s wrong?I’m here Rick:We need to save Fuya else there will be war

Nora:I’m here to tell you that…she’s in danger they’re turning her into a predator. Rick:Wait what?

Nora:What to do?you’re still healing…and you can’t call…

Rick:No don’t go there her wedding is tomorrow I can’t rusk anything with her Nora: they found out her identity




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