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Marked By The Sky – Episode 14

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky



Rick switched on the shower so Nora won’t suspect anything. He opened the cabinet and brought out a box dropping it on the sink,he unbuttoned his shirt carefully one after the other and he removed the shirt by pulling it backward so as not to touch the wound.He dropped the bloody shirt on the floor and start unwrapping the bandages it stings because the blood on his wound has melted with the bandage….he winced as he remove the bandage before dropping it on the floor as well.

He stretch his hands forward to get a handful of water to clean his stomach but the blood keeps coming again.


Nora’s headache is not getting better but she doesn’t have a high temperature she turn underneath her blanket to the other side and saw Rick’s phone. She wanted to transfer it to the stool when a message came in.

Boss I need you it’s very important..I hope we won’t be caught”

The content of the message surprised Nora but she decided to stop being negative and she dropped the phone when another one came in

It’s very important please call me back when you get the message

Nora sat up and she click on the inbox she saw the conversation with Julie also Rick didn’t save the number with Julie’s name.

Are you okay boss?

should I come over?

No she’s at home with me right now…don’t worry bout me


Nora was angry and the thought of Rick changing towards her occurred to her and why he doesn’t even play romantic with her again.

She decided to remain mute and provoke him to say his mind.

She fling the bedspread away and she went towards the bathroom door.


Rick heard footsteps , though he has finished the treatment but the shirt soaked with blood and the dirty bandage is on the floor and the person about to enter has opened the door already.

DMC Branch (Department for mysterious case)

Mr Bush and some other high officials are present there including their top scientist all about New York.

: According to the findings and experiment carried on the predator’s victim we are secretly working on..there is an alien in the city. And with the clip,it’s not just one and we’re not sure how many of them are present

: Ma’am Are Aliens threat to our planet?

:Good question..

The old woman exclaim with her middle finger raised up..then she move to a board and switch it on with a remote.

: People says there are good aliens and bad ones but presently we’re not concerned with that. We all know the enmity with the Aliens and predators for decades…. wherever you find an alien,there is always a predator and vice versa

…all things being equal

:So what are you trying to say to convince us that we need to capture the only alien helping our people?

:It’s making people lose trust in the police force.. including all the executive officers are nothing in front of the citizens they’ve cast all hopes on this so called alien

And if we’re not careful, there’s going to be a world full of mysterious beings,our planet Earth is going to be controlled by predators when aliens can’t even stop them

:People lost all hopes on the executive officers not because they think they can’t protect them but it’s because they can’t…. during the first attack New York was

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collapsing…it was almost at the dead end if not for this Alien now you want to capture it..for what?

: Aliens reasoning are so much more than what you could imagine .. they’re smart,they are intelligent…just imagine if we get our hands on one and extract his reasoning

We will be able to protect ourself…the city and the world….

Hunhunhun(she chuckled)you’re wondering how that is possible right?..that’s what

we’re working on for now..

Mr David Bush!

Mr Bush:Yes ma’am

:Here..(she dropped a document on his desk)this is the document youre gonna’s an approval to do anything possible to find the Aliens hid

ing in the city..

I allowed such a low level officer like you to do the job because I expect better from you

Mr Bush:I won’t disappoint you ma’am

:Your promotion awaits you.

Rick’s house

Nora opened the door and Rick blocked her from coming inside,he stood by the door with half of his body inside and his head outside.

Nora: What’re you doing?

Rick:Uhm….ur just doing stuffs should be in bed what’re you doing?

Nora:I can’t stay in bed alone

Rick:ohhhh my sweet lollypop… I’ll be there soon okay?

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Nora:ok…come soon also I think you got a message earlier

Rick:Ok thanks.

Nora left and Rick went back in slamming the door Rick:Phewww she scared the hell out of me

He put on his cotton top which is a turtle neck and he dropped the bloody clothes into the basket to wash later.

He went to join Nora and he checked his message he ignored it so Nora won’t suspect anything,he hug Nora from the back though his stomach still hurts.

Nora:Are you cheating on me?

Rick: pardon? … what’s going on with you?are you okay?

Nora:Who is the girl?

(Now Rick is getting scared and he sat up removing the blanket from his body) Rick:I don’t know what you’re talking about okay?and you’re sick you should be in bed

Nora:I saw the text messages

Rick:what?so now you’re going through my phone?what has come over you?

Nora:you yelled at me… all because of that girl?

Rick:look baby..I’m sorry I’m just not settled these days I’m sorry

He tried to hug her but Nora stood up from the bed facing him with teary eyes

Rick:come on i don’t like that Water thing on your face it destroys your pretty eyes

Nora:Who is the girl?

Rick:She’s my assistant Julie

Nora:so what’s going on with you guys

Rick:I can’t believe this Nora…can you even think of what you’re insinuating? Nora:I’m right…you’re cheating on me jerk

Rick:Nora please don’t stress me I’m way too tired for this

Nora:You’ve exhausted your whole strength on her…now I see why you don’t make out with me anymore….you couldn’t even kiss me like before…what have I done to deserve this?

Rick:Don’t get me angry Nora

Nora:you know what? we’re over Rick:Nora!!! I can’t tell you this…. Julie is….

Nora:so now you trust your assistant more than your 3 years girlfriend?uh?

Rick:I’m begging you go to sleep

Nora:you don’t order me around and I’m leaving right now

Rick:No….Nora it’s not up to that.

Nora carried her bag and left the house though not carrying her luggages. Rick didn’t know whether to follow her or wait for her to calm down but he remembered their fights that Nora tends to be dangerous when she’s angry and she run away whenever she doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

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Rick dialled Julie’s number

Oh..hi boss

Hi I saw your texts.. What’s it?

You didn’t watch the news did you?

: About us being caught on camera?

Yes boss(she whisper back so Troy won’t hear)

:Don’t worry it’s nothing you will get used to it soon.. bye

No..wait boss..


Are you okay now?should I really stay home from tomorrow?

Yes Julie it’s your wedding…your leave starts from tomorrow..plan your wedding well so we can see and tell that day

Thanks sir… Have a nice day

Yeah sure


Nora is sitting down in a bus station when a call came on her first she ignored it thinking it was Rick but then it display Mr Bush

Nora :good afternoon sir

Mr Bush:Nora how’s your health ?

Nora:I’m trying to be okay..

Mr Bush: Trying to be okay?do you know your work at all?I can’t believe you’re so

weak if I knew you’re not dependable I wouldn’t have recommend your name for

the promotion

Nora: promotion?

Mr Bush:Yes you’ve been promoted to the position of a Sheriff you deserve it but now you’re showing sign of weakness

Nora:No I’m very okay sir it’s just bruises and I’m okay already.

Mr Bush:Now that’s my girl report to my office right now.

Nora hung up the phone and she came out of the subway to board a taxi.

DMC station

Mr Bush office

:So you’re going to use that girl?

Mr Bush:not her but the whole department…they will help fight off the predators…but her especial

ly whenever she’s out with us the Alien normally shows up to help so I sense some connection.

:What if she get hurt?

Mr Bush:at least she was promoted.

:So what’s going to happen now?

Me bush:a game….A dangerous creature has been released to New York City…I’m

sure the hero will show up

Playing game with your City…you guys are expected to protect lives not play with it because of a secret experiment.

Mr Bush:That’s why you’re still below me for the past 2 years. The secret organization of DMS is still unknown to the government…so you need to keep quite.

Rick’s house.


Rick has been expecting Nora to show up since 5 hours that she left the house but didn’t see anyone so he took his car keys abd left the house.

Rick was driving through the road In the forest when he noticed everywhere is Silent which is unusual at least there are always people staying by the roadside waiting for bus.he stopped the car and alighted from it then he noticed a far away scream…he look up and saw a dinosaur a very big one carrying people ,it’s holding a car and flinging it to and fro to remove the people from it.

Rick:Not now…. predators are enough already.


Now let me start apologizing

I’m so so sorry for posting late I was caught up with sorry okay?

What can you say about Nora’s fate now?

Rick has not recovered yet what’s he gonna do?

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