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Marked By The Sky – Episode 13

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky

Mr Bush:Get the van quickly

Mr Bush took two steps forward and bent down to get hold of the alien’s hand but

an unknown force shocked him and current passed through his body which

turned his skin black and he quickly withdraw his hands but his hairs are standing upright and scattered.

Somewhere in Skull City

Julie switched on the TV and a live show of an alien been discovered is going on. Julie herself didn’t understand how she changed to that kind of creature but she’s enjoying it anyway…the most annoying part she hate is her crave for predators. She eat predators or any strange creature. When she saw the alien,she felt a close connection and she touched the TV to caress the creature’s picture but an unknown force field pulled her inside…. She is a teleporter .

She found herself in a crowdy place but people watching from afar,siren blaring and armed forces all around

All eyes on her and she’s in her alien form Julie:What the…I just teleported oh my

Mr Bush:What in the world is going on here?

….get this one as well attack!!!!(he yell out)

Julie got scared with the noise and she grab the alien carrying it in her hands and she disappeared.

People start murmuring and some start running. Mr Bush was surprised and it was recorded by the reporters.

Rinokin Lab

Julie arrived at Rinokin lab and place Rick on the table. She’s looking at him and walking from one edge of the table to another when Rick gasped and opened his eyes.

He cough out blue blood and he tried to turn over when he saw the strange creature standing and looking at him as if it’s not from earth.

Rick covered his bleeding stomach with his palm and he rose up from the table.

Rick:W..w w what are you(in a faint voice)

Julie:I understand your language!

Rick:Who are you and what are you?

Julie:Hi I’m a Friend I won’t eat you….I’m Julie and I saved you

Rick:Jjjjjulie Julie?

Julie:Yes Julie

Rick:So this is what you are

Rick transformed back to his human form without his consent from within,he changed because he’s bleeding too much.

The blue blood changed back to red and the one he coughed out is red as well

Julie:Boss?(she said almost scared and she took a step back)

Rick:Thanks for saving me….but what happened to you ?

Julie:Boss promise you won’t snitch on me

Rick:This is not the time to be blowing covers we got to help ourself here okay?

Julie changed to her girly form and she went over to the shelf to pick all what she’s going to use in treating her boss.

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Julie:The cut is deep ..oh no too wide and deep I’ll have to stich you up Rick:I guess it’s gonna pain

Julie:You stich people up but you’re afraid of it.

Julie brought out a syringe from the locker and she pierced a small plastic bag drawing out the content into the syringe,it’s a pain killer she rub Rick’s arm and insert the syringe.

She start telling Rick how everything turned realistic for her and about how she can teleport

Rick:So …you ate that predator?

Julie:Yiiiies?(she said it carefully not wanting to admit it)

Rick retch at the thought of it but he covered his mouth and seal up the bandage Julie is holding.

Julie:Is my specie so disgusting? you look more dangerous to me.

Julie:Tell me yours boss you’re the hero of the city why were you there with the police?

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Rick:I got bit by a baby alien a very powerful one but the last mission went South I thought I was gonna die….(he paused for a bit ,he look at Julie and he sigh) thanks for saving me.

Rick was about to sit down when the image of Nora on a stretcher hit him.

He jumped up and tried to run with his super speed but he fell back on the chair Julie:Where are you going?you’re still weak

Rick:Nora..she was wounded as well…the queen predator hurt her badly Julie: I’ll go with you

Rick:No Julie go home if we go together it will look strange. Two aliens in the city.

Then Julie’s phone rang,it’s a call from her fiance.

Julie:Hi baby

Guy:Where are you?I’m in your house right

now with your mom

Julie:My mom?why?

Guy:you don’t care about the wedding do you?

The wedding is in two …

(Before he could finish his statement Mrs Bill her mother snatch the phone) Mrs Bill:Crazy girl come back here right this instance..I told you to get a leave already didn’t you tell them bout your wedding?

Julie:Mom I’ll be back soon.(she hung up) Rick:Stop coming to work starting from tomorrow Julie:But..

Rick:You need to join the family…it’s your wedding.

Julie:Take care of yourself.

They both walked to the bus station and it’s night time already.

Julie board the bus and she wave to Rick who find it weird to be close to the assistant he order around.

Rick:Alien Boss… Dangerous assistant.

He hail a taxi and he gave his description.

Ferns Hospital.

Rick’s POV

Thank God she was not admitted in RINOKIN,it could have gotten ugly entirely.

Rick asked at the reception about Nora’s details and he was directed to her ward.

He opened the door and lucky for him,Nora is sleeping now there won’t be complaint of him coming late.

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He went over and touched Nora’s forehead.

Rick:pheww thank God she’s not running a fever.

He touch her the bandage rolled round her head and it’s a small cut just few bruises on her face and arm. The Queen predator didn’t cut her.

Rick managed to sit down and he flinched on sitting down because his stomach was pressed on each other causing a sharp pain in his belly.

Nora opened her eyes and she sit up(Where is that strength coming from) Nora:I’m. I’m sorry I’m sorry Rick

Rick:(if you know what else you caused for me other than not obeying me you will feel sorrier more than this)

Rick close in on her bed and hug her telling her to calm down and stop feeling guilty.

Julie’s home

Mrs Bill scold Julie for caring less about the wedding and her fiance Troy apologized on her behalf. Julie prepared food for her mom and Troy. They settled to eat when Troy changed the channel to W-happenings

Julie:Will you eat and listen to news at the same time?it’s news what he if you choke on bad news?

Troy:An amazing event happened today at the airport I wanna know the full details.

:Good evening people of new York City.

As we all know about the incident of dancing Aliens which happened few weeks ago now and mysterious case happened as more aliens are gaining interest on planet Earth.

The blue alien who was regarded as the city hero was reported to be the main cause of all problem because it’s presence attracts more dangerous aliens. The order has been passed out this evening at the legislative house to arrest the blue alien also the grey alien that just visited earth today. Becareful everyone NYC is in danger if you

see or hear any strange things in your surroundings do not hesitate to report to the Force. The number is on emergency list of every citizens.

A clip of Julie in her alien form rescuing Rick from the airport was played …julie saw this and choked on her soup.

Troy: Who’s talking about choking on food.

The following morning,Rick woke up first and he went to prepare tea for Nora.

The nurse attended to her minutes later and administered her drugs to her then she

was discharged.


Rick took her home and tuck her in bed.he kissed her forehead and Nora drifted to sleep.

Rick used the opportunity to escape to the bathroom to tend to his wound.

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