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Marked By The Sky – Episode 12

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky

On the plane

The police men didn’t know if to shoot or not so as not to cause harm to the plane and that’s spelling death for themselves.

Mr Bush:Nobody is shooting okay?hold your fire

:She killed two men she will be here any moment from now…we need to push her off the plane

Mr Bush:We must take her to Seattle successfully.

Mr Bush opened the door and went to the compartment where they chained the

Queen predator he saw nothing but a broken chain on the floor he hold his gun firmly and start looking around and licking his lips nervously. Then he noticed a liquid dripping on his shoulder he touched it and rub it between his’s a human blood he look up only to see a man’s body hanging and the

head is empty no brain nor skull just flesh.

Then the predator came from behind and slash his face with her claw. Mr Bush recovered the attack and he started shooting sporadically while the alien predator keep leaping from one chair to another and on the wall of the plane. Enjoy more interesting stories for free at

The unbalanced movement is affecting the plane and the pilot passed a message :The plane is on air please stop moving and use your seat belt

The predator Continued scattering everything and Nora decided to help Mr bush her boss. She joined in firing the gun as well.

The Queen predator screech at her as she slash Nora’s stomach with her claw she was hurt and she start bleeding but she couldn’t stop shooting so she won’t die.

Nora shot at the predator’s shoulder and it penetrated deep,with pain the queen predator thrust the wall of the plane and she was successful. Air start gushing in and the plane is loosing balance.

Skull City

Rick is pacing up and down to find clue about Julie’s case but found nothing,the CCTV wasn’t working that night so it didn’t record anything.

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He turn to return back home when he heard Nora’s scream like she’s calling for help.

Rick brushed the idea off that it’s because he’s missing Nora so much.

He took another step and now it’s more louder.

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He went to the airport and saw the place really busied and people shouting on phone calling commands on how to land a plane so it won’t crash Rick:Oh no Nora again

Rick went to the take off line and knelt down on his knees changing to his alien form.

He flew up high and landed on their plane.

The plane is still shaking and the queen predator removed the door of the plane flinging it away. Air gushed in and sweep loads and few officers away into the sea.

The air carried Nora and she’s hanging unto a seat which will be uprooted by the wind any time from now.

Rick dived back to the middle air and recovered the door to cover the open space. He was about to cover it when the queen predator came on top of the plane ready to strike him since she recognized him.Enjoy more interesting stories for free at topster stories.

The plane is loosing altitude and it’s falling but the predator didn’t stop stumping from one place to another.

The Queen predator slash him in his stomach and it was a wide cut Rick fell off the plane and he’s bleeding already.

The predator stick her head inside and use her mouth to pick the first person she saw,she pierced deeper tearing the man into two then she used her tail to beat the hand of the plane which makes it to break and fall off now black smoke is coming out from the falling plane.

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Suddenly a huge creature more giant than the queen predator rose up amidst sea and punched her real hard…. It was Rick that shape shifted into that and he used his metal claw to pull off the neck of the predator

It fell off into the sea and Rick In his huge form,he use one hand to transfer Nora back inside properly then he grabbed the nose of the plane trying to redirect it back up but the place he was wounded start dripping of blue blood again. (Meanwhile the queen predator’s neck produced another head)

He used all h

is strength and made the plane to get on the airport take off line he tried to stop it by supporting it with his hands and pulling back but the plane couldn’t stop because the pilot is dead and it’s been destroyed.

The plane trigger up few cracks on the road and Rick’s leg also,he stood in front of the plane that refused to stop and when the wound us nit allowing him,he got weak and left the plane Carrying Nora away from the plane while Mr bush and the officers jumped down.

The plane crashed into a building which cost loss of lives.

The Queen predator got down and people start screaming and running.

More Police department arrived at the scene in time and they surround the predator giving it a fell flat on the floor.

Rick is very weak and seems like he’s loosing consciousness.

Mr Bush:Arrest him…the little Alien

:Yes sir.

Rick in his alien form is lying on the floor fainting and the last thing he saw before closing his eyes was Nora bring taken away on a stretcher.

What do you think?

I pray they don’t discover him so soon.

He’s weak and hurt .

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