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Marked By The Sky: Episode 1 – 22

Marked By The Sky

Marked By The Sky

Warning Warning

If you get scared easily do not attempt to read or follow up


Title Marked by the sky

We’ve all been hearing of Superman, Batman , Spiderman and all sort of heroes in the city. But now I guess we’re gonna have an Alien man.

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Being a doctor is not the problem,the problem is working on mysterious beings. Rick is a doctor as well as a surgeon who is working for Department for

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mysterious crimes (DMC)

Nora she’s a cop and also Rick’s girlfriend

Fuya ,she’s the guardian alien sent from the sky to guide Rick.

One rainy night, group of Aliens came to planet Earth get an important information but their UFO (an alien spacecraft) was discovered by humans they had to leave immediately forgetting to carry their prince on board (Tutana) Tutana is a shape shifter ,during his escape from humans he turned into water and mistakenly drop.into a pregnant woman’s drink. The pregnant woman oblivious of the trouble drank it and the alien took over the unborn baby. During delivery she was taken to the hospital were Rick works

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But do aliens allow delivery? unfortunately they come out tearing the stomach open .

Find out how Rick was bitten by Tutana(the shape shifting alien prince) and he turned into something else

Changing his Destiny

Ashe drift away from his loved ones

Endless mission to fulfil

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