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Making The Maids (18+) – Season – [Episode 1 – 5]

Making the Maids

Making the Maids

by Cristiano Caffieri

When Joel Masters was hired by the Vanderkirk Mansion he was really happy, the pay was good and the room he was given was a lot better than the one he had at home. It was only a trial period, but he was hoping it would become permanent to allow him to save some money for college. His parents had some financial problems and just couldn’t help to further his education, so at 18 he was destined to clean shoes, shine up the silver and take care of the Master’s six Irish Hounds.

The mansion was dripping with staff, including two pretty maids, Rhonda and Theodora, and a smartly dressed young woman named Marie, who he assumed was Mr. Vanderkirk’s personal assistant. The maids had a large room next to his and when he heard them giggling and goofing around at night he couldn’t help but jerk himself off. On the third night of his residence, he was in the process of fisting his mister when there came a tap on the door. He quickly threw on his robe and when he opened it Marie stood there in a see-through nightie. Her tits were up to her chin and her long legs seemed to be heading for the same destination.

“We’ve got a bottle of wine next door and wondered if you’d like to join us for a nightcap?”

He swallowed hard and nodded his head before managing to mumble. “great.”

As he followed her to the maid’s room he was half expecting them to be wearing similar attire and his d!ck was growing hard in anticipation. However, when he stepped inside the other two were completely naked. Rhonda was jumping down on the bed with her gorgeous tits jiggling and Theodora was sitting on a chair with her legs wide open diddling her crack.

He was invited to sit down and Marie grabbed the bottle and poured him a drink.

“We’re glad Mr. Vanderkirk hired you,” she said, sitting beside him, “the last guy who had your job was a drag.”

“He wasn’t as cute as you either,” added Theodora.

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