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Lube Your Neighbor (18+) – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 6]

Lube Your Neighbor

Lube Your Neighbor

by Cristiano Caffieri

Eve and Matthew Spencer were in their thirties, regular churchgoers and pillars of their community. However, in spite of appearing like a happily married couple their s*x life was the absolute pits. Like many women, Eve didn’t have orgasms and consequently looked on intercourse as a duty rather than something to be enjoyed.

When they did have their bi-weekly bang it was always the missionary position with very little foreplay. Eve thought sucking d!ck was not something she would care to do and as for Matthew eating out her vagina – well that seemed just a bit over the top.

Neither of them swore around the house, they didn’t smoke or drink or undress with the light on. They were both convinced that their behavior would guarantee them a place in heaven for all eternity. Perhaps the only vice they had was sharing a box of chocolates every Saturday night as they watched Public Television.

This somewhat dull lifestyle changed rather suddenly when Eve accidentally entered an internet porn channel one day. Her first reaction was to switch it off immediately but she thought that just for a few minutes she might look, purely for educational purposes. It proved to be rather more interesting than she ever imagined and she had to admit to herself that watching the naked participant’s cock sucking, p*ssy eating and f*cking each other looked like a lot of fun.

Eve, who was a traditional housewife stayed at home all day whilst her husband worked in the city. He, of course, had no clue what his wife was doing while he was gawking at the girls in his office, whose attire often allowed him to study their anatomy in great detail.

He wasn’t entirely unhappy with his s*x life but a few times he had strayed mentally and imagined himself f*cking one of his busty colleagues as she leaned over the water cooler. Such meanderings did seem to make his own stabs at intimacy a little tame. However, this was about to change.

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