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Loving Her – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 8]

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Story Title: Loving Her

Episodes: 8

Category: 18+

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Episode 1


It all started one beautiful morning i woke up with a bright smile on my face probably because i had a swell time the previous night…. Rita is someone who was more than a friend 2 me, we av been friends 4 over 2 months now… Nd av been trying my luck 2 at least get a kiss from her bt all 2 no avail, bt just yesterday night mahn we got so close holding hands dat it almost led 2 a kiss but one tin led 2 another it didn’t bt one tin was sure i was gonna win her over no matter wat…nd d perfect opportunity just showed up




Some little details about me,am from a family of 5 children me being the eldest, by August this year i would be turning 18 years ,my father is a self employed business man while my mother owns an up and running provision supermarket, my Dad is from Edo state and my mom from Delta state, i grew up in Delta state, one funny but important fact: WE DON’T JOKE WITH FOOD IN OUR HOUSE… Lol


‘Christian’ i heard my name from downstairs, i knew wat it meant but i decided 2 remain calm, ‘CHRISTIAN’ I heard my name again.. young man u av just 5 min 2 get down here or else no breakfast 4 you, dat was my Mom calling nd i knew wat she was capable of doing, lets just say between d space of 4 min I had brushed my mouth,wore my Chelsea t-shirt (i don’t like sleeping with a shirt on) cuz i was already putting on a rugged jean nicker.


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