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Love Outside Marriage – Season 3 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode five

“How may I please my Master?”

“Good answer girl. I am pleased so far with your responses to my simple needs and want to move onto the next phase of the evening.”

One by one he unfastened her restraints and she stretched her limbs to get her circulation moving again.

“Position Two”

Quickly she moved off the bed and assumed the Gorian slave girl position. Ralph looked down at Beth’s position and posture and found nothing to correct unlike the first few times she had attempted it. Sitting at his feet, legs to the rear, thighs spread, hands with palms up resting on thighs, torso erect, breasts thrust forward and eyes on Master looking for direction.

“Good posture girl. I am going to allow you to clean up again and then I want to see a demonstration of the Gorian dance routine you have allegedly learned. But first, we need ice so kindly fetch it now.”

Without hesitation Beth leapt to her feet and taking the indicated bucket, left the room. Ralph let the door lock and waited patiently. She was gone for almost five minutes and then he heard a knock on the door. He took his time answered and opened it with the chain on.

“Can I help you.”

“Yes sir, I have your ice. I had to go down one floor to find the machine.”

“Did you encounter anyone?”

“Just a young man. He just watched me get the ice with his mouth open. I smiled politely and he just froze.”

“Well, you might as well come in.”

Ralph took the chain off and Beth came in the room.

“I will make you a drink as a reward for your efforts. Your garb is in the bathroom. Clean up and make yourself appealing. I will expect you out here promptly. There will be a reward if you take less than 15 minutes.”

Ralph made two drinks and added an ecstasy tablet to hers. He opened the bathroom door without warning and handed Beth her glass.

“Drink up little one. There will be another awaiting you if you don’t delay.”

With a minute to spare Beth emerged from the bathroom and proudly walked to the center of the room. She had made her face up with exaggerated eye shadow and was wearing a costume that was layers of various gauzes and silks and with the appropriate costume jewelry gave the impression of a harem dancing girl.

Ralph started a digital recording of traditional Mid Eastern dance music and after downing the shot he gave her, she began her dance. Beth had learned the dance well and sensuously moved her hips as she danced, her eyes never leaving his. She used all the tricks learned in her belly dancing class but threw in a striptease of her own invention.

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