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Love Outside Marriage – Season 3 Episode 4

Episode four

“Come to me and assume Position One.”

Once again she stood proudly before him.

“I have brought you a gift that I will enjoy seeing on your neck and for which I expect you to be properly appreciative.”

With that he snapped a gold slave collar around her neck. It was engraved with the words, “Slave Beth”. He then put a gold waist chain on her and from her nipple rings he hung crystal pendants. He then stepped back to admire his decorations. He memorialized them from all sides with a digital camera.


“On the bed girl and attach yourself with the soft restraints.”

As Ralph set up three digital video cameras around the bed she scrambled to position herself to his satisfaction. Ralph stood back and for a moment admired the incredibly sexy woman crawling around on the bed fastening restraints on her arms and legs. He would never tell her but he firmly believed that she was the finest piece of ass he ever had. Her mature body was beautifully proportioned from her trim thighs and ass to her firm C cup tits with rose colored nipples. He loved them so much that he had decorated them with gold hoops on his last visit.

Beth was finished with the restraints and so Ralph checked the final one and tightened it securely. Casually inspecting the others he noted that she had done a fine job on them.

“Nicely done girl. As a reward you may pick which ball gag I will use tonight. Red or Blue?”

“I think Blue compliments my eyes more Sir.”

Ralph went to his bag and retrieved the blue ball gag and after applying some lotion to the corners of her mouth inserted it and fastened it behind her head. Next he got a large bath towel out of the bathroom and put it under her midsection. One final rummage in the bag and he produced a wicked looking riding crop for him and a black sleep mask for her.

With the mask in place he stood back and on a whim took another round of digital photos. Then turning the video cameras on he walked up to the bed and for 30 minutes he ran the crop slowly over her entire body. She became hyper sensitized to the touch of the leather as it stroked her pussy and most especially her nipples. Her naturally hard nipples were over the top erect and thrusting as he toyed with them. The first of the session’s orgasms happened when he used the handle of the crop to probe and then fully penetrate her vagina. She convulsed spastically as he rubbed the quivering little clit with the head of his cock.

Primed by the evenings experiences, Ralph finally ran his cock into her pussy and she moaned in appreciation. With all of the pent up emotion of the night Ralph aggressively fucked his cock in and out of her as she fought the restraints fruitlessly. Regardless of her pleasure he powered through to a massive orgasm that blasted into her puss. This triggered her own climax as could be determined by the noises making their way around the ball gag and her almost purple face and flop sweat perspiration.

Pulling out of her, Ralph wiped his cock off using her hair and went to the mini bar for another shot of Makers Mark. Deciding he needed ice and a change of pace he walked back to the bed. She looked at him now relaxed and moved her hips suggestively as if silently begging for more attention. Ralph detached her ball gag and the first words out of her mouth were

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