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Love Outside Marriage – Season 3 Episode 3

Episode three

“Good girl. Very nice performance. One of your best in a public place my dear. The only thing that would have made it better would be if you climaxed just as Tinkerbell was bringing your next wine. Now finish up that glass because she is headed over here now.”

The waitress quickly placed the drinks on the table and picked up the empty glasses. She could smell the heady aroma of a woman’s sexual arrousal as she briefly lingered.

“Will there be anything else sir?”

“Yes, my companion could use several paper napkins. She made a small mess on the bench seat. She must have squirted when she came and would like to wipe it up.”

As the waitress fled again Beth said.

“That sir was a masterful statement.”

As they relaxed after her orgasm and sipped their drinks, Ralph briefed Beth on the activities planned for the next 47 hours. Thirty minutes later they walked past the waitress and bartender and as instructed Beth flashed both breasts for the two of them.

“This is your tip.”

Then tucking the girls back in she fastened several of the bottom buttons but left the top four open and they walked next door to the dining room. Once seated they caught up on activities since their last meeting. Two bottles of wine later and with a lovely dinner consumed, Ralph ordered a German tort as carryout and they left for his room.

As soon as the elevator door closed Ralph commanded


Beth quickly opened the bottom buttons and pulled the tails out of her skirt. She handed the blouse to Ralph with a downcast subservient look on her face.


Beth’s nimble fingers quickly opened the buttons and pulled the zipper down on her short skirt. Stepping out of the last item of clothing she handed the skirt to Ralph also.

“Standing Position One!”

Beth promptly braced upright, eyes forward, shoulders back, breasts thrust forward, belly sucked in. She was an absolutely gorgeous vision and when the door opened on their floor the couple waiting to get on were shocked but also very appreciative.

“This is our floor Beth. Come this way and say good night to this nice couple.”

“Goodnight people. I hope you have as much fun tonight as I am having.”

Once in his room Ralph allowed Beth a five minute bathroom break while he opened his special bag of toys and laid them out on the second queen bed. After putting the torte in the refrigerator he poured two shots of Makers Mark and got out of his suit. His dress for the evening was a black leather sleeveless vest and black leather chaps which left all of his important equipment free and available. It may sound hokey but on Ralph with his athletic build, it looked natural.

As Beth returned to the room he ordered

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