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Love Outside Marriage – Season 3 Episode 2

Episode two

“No, I’m OK for now but the lady and I will each have a second drink exactly ten minutes after you deliver her wine.”

“Very good sir.”

With a wicked smile on her face the waitress walked away to fill the order.

“Did you wear the bra I requested?

“Yes sir, it’s the black strapless front closing one you liked the last time we got together.”

“Give it to me now Beth.”

Having anticipated his request, Beth had worn a black button down blouse which she now unbuttoned oblivious to the foot traffic past their booth. With practiced efficiency she opened the clasp, pulled the cups away from her firm C tits and pulled the bra out from around her back and handed it to him. As she started to rebutton the blouse he said

“You may pull the blouse closed but do not rebutton.”

Ralph then made an open display of carefully folding the bra and then placing it on top of the panties. At that moment the waitress returned with Beth’s wine. She noticed immediately the bra on the table. As she placed the wine on the table in front of Beth she said

“Very attractive lingerie Miss.”

“Thank you. They were a gift from my husband last Valentines Day.”

Looking at Ralph the waitress said.

“I must compliment you on your excellent choices sir. I’m sure they look beautiful on your wife.”

“Oh She’s not my wife. She is just a cunt I plan on using for my weekend fuck date.”

“Oh sir, I just assumed…”

Beth then interjected

“That’s OK. We get together a couple of times a year to help me out. You see I have a very high sex drive and although I love my husband to death, he just can’t keep up with my needs. Ralph steps in and fills the void by fucking the shit out of me with his immense cock and he also gives me some much needed discipline too boot. Any other questions?”

“No Miss.”

Clearly embarrassed, the waitress fled back to bar. Ralph was amused as he saw her talking emotionally to the bartender. As they two of them looked over to his booth, Ralph raised his glass and saluted them.

“Nicely done Beth. For that performance I will let you have one quick orgasm before leaving the bar. Take a quick sip of your wine and using your left hand, finger yourself starting now. With your right hand I want you to caress your left nipple. Pull on the gold ring that I gifted you with on my last visit as if I was sucking on the nipple now.”

Within seven minutes Beth was flushed and breathing heavily as she went rigid and quietly shuddered as she climaxed as quietly as she could.

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  • This is wahala, you have a husband and you are fucking with some other guy who is ordering you just like a small kid ……….

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