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Love Outside Marriage – Season 2 Episode 5 [Completed]

Episode five

She answered with a polite refusal because of prior commitment to fuck her husband’s brains out during that time slot. She went on to suggest that the company has an anti harassment policy.

That night at home I was greeted by a line of her clothes from the kitchen and up the stairs to our bedroom. She was on the turned down bed stroking her purple dildo in and out of her hairless pussy. Her eyes never left me as I got out of my work clothes

“Fred Jackson from Sales made me a lurid offer today.”

“Really honey. I thought they all thought you were the Ice Queen at work.”

“Fred must not have gotten the memo I guess. Sorry to start without you but I was just laying here practicing my Kegels when it occurred to me that it might just feel a tad better if I got the Purple Prince involved. Hope you don’t mind?”

By now I had hung up my suit and had hampered everything else. I crossed to the bed and sat next to Jacqueline She was lost in the moment with eyes closed as she worked the dildo in and out. It glistened with her juices as I put my idle hands to use massaging her nipples as I leaned down to kiss her on the mouth. Her tongue engaged mine and I could taste her fresh minty toothpaste. Her moans as she got close to orgasm filled the room as the speed of her masturbation increased. I loved the look on her face as she concentrated on the prize. I added a thumb to the action by rolling her clit in a small circle and that’s all it took. Her body tensed up tighter than a bow string and with arched back she exploded in a gasping for air climax.


So I did my best. As we rolled around in a fuck frenzy I secretly thanked Fred from Sales. I should send him an email thanking him to helping my sex life stay a much more than the typical 2.5 weekly unions of the average working couple. Much, much, much later having showered together and dressed in just tee shirts, we sat at our kitchen island and shared a bottle of white wine and a can of soup. When she asked for me to pass the fucking crackers she looked up at me and gave me that wide eyed loving look of hers.

“God I love you Charles. You are so good for me that I can’t believe that we’ve been married for over twenty years. I’m sorry if I got carried away but that asshole got the slut in me going and I couldn’t wait to get home and get ready for you.”

“You don’t ever have to apologize for letting me see the wild side of you babe. I’ll be happy to add tonight to my memory bank of great Jacqueline fucks. Oh and by the way, I got an email from from my old buddy Ralph. He says the weekend of the 14th is good for him. He’ll be in town for a convention that week and wanted to meet your friend Beth again for drinks, dinner and maybe the weekend. I guess he was really impressed with her the last time they got together. Something about a wild, uninhibited bitch.”

“Funny you should mention Beth because she told me he knocked her socks off the last time they got together. I know you think she’s a slut and I guess she is but this time she is really smitten. Look why don’t you give me Ralph’s email address and I’ll pass it on to Beth tomorrow. I’ll give you hers and you can share it with that Ralph guy. That way they can make plans without going through us. You know though, I do get a kick out of hearing all the salacious details of their liaisons after the fact.”


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