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LOVE IS CRAZY!! What’s The Most Dumbest Thing You Ever Did For Love? (See What These 2 NL Staff Did)

To be sincere, we all have done one crazy thing for the person we love.

Sometimes, it is not because we are stupid, it is simply how love is.

When you are engrossed in love, it is always hard for people to talk you out of all the mumu actions in your head.

2 Naijaloaded Staff Talk About The Dumbest Thing They’ve Ever Done For Love


I remembered taking a birthday cake from OAU Ife down to Ibadan on a Sunday Morning when I should be in church praising God, for my girlfriend who schooled at IB.

That was romantic you want to say and of course it was. Funny enough, I didn’t get to eat out of the cake. And I only got a hug.

You don’t want to know how stupid I felt after I got back anyway. I felt used but abeg who send me. “Ife nshiere“.

For those who don’t understand Yoruba, it means LOVE IS CRAZY.

We have all at a point remembered one thing we did for a partner and then you thought to yourself “How can I be this stupid?”.


Till today I can never forgive myself for doing that rubbish.

There is this girl I met through my friend’s girlfriend. She was very pretty and an hijab sister. I love her at first sight and because she loves me too, we connected so fast.

Just because I love her, I decided not to do anything with her until marriage. I can’t imagine I was already thinking of marrying this girl at that time.

Few weeks after we started dating, we both decided to link up in my friend’s place. She came and my friend left the room for us.

Before I could say anything, this girl already drag me to the bed, we kissed, I don’t want to press bress, she put my hand there herself so I can press it.

After like 10mins of intense romance mama removed hijab and wanted to pull her top off before I held her hand. She looked shocked and asked why?

Mumu mee, I told her I don’t want to do it that I love her so much and I want to keep her until we get married before doing it.

Omoor! After that day he girl no come again oo and e still dey pain me till today because na mumu thing I do that day.

Looking back now, it is very funny, and sometimes, we still feel stupid though.

Share with us some of those stupid things that you think you have done for love.

Don’t lie oo 👇

What’s The Most Dumbest Thing You Ever Did For Love?

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