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Love In The Middle Of Nowhere – Season 1 – Episode 3 [Completed]

I didn’t know where I was going but I couldn’t also stay at the hotel so I packed my things and joined the bus. There was this elderly woman, around fifty or fifty-eight years. We both came to Ghana on the same plane. I sat next to her on the bus from the airport to the hotel. When leaving the hotel, I saw her again. I rushed to her side and sad hello. She said hello back. She had a Kenyan accent. She looked into my eyes and asked, “Are you ok..? I shook my head. Suddenly from nowhere, tears started flowing down my cheeks.

She said, “Hey, it’s over now. We are going home. Why would you cry? You should be happy.”

She thought it was about the stress of being quarantine for that long. She thought I was broken because of that. She asked, “Where are you going?” I was chocked with tears so I couldn’t say a word. The bus arrived and we were told to get in. She said, “Stay with me. You can sit next to me so we talk.” In the bus, she asked again, in Kikuyu, “Where are you going?” I answered, “I don’t know. I don’t have anywhere to go.”

I told her my story. How love brought me all the way from Kenya to Ghana and left me in the middle of nowhere. She was shocked and disturbed at the same time. she said, “There could be something wrong somewhere with your man. Ghanaian men are not like that. I hope you have a name and some details? I will help you find him.”

It was that woman who took me in and gave me a place to stay. Her story was similar to mine. She was a Kenyan woman married to a Ghanian businessman. She said they met at a business forum in Nakuru and started dating from there. The first time she had to travel to Accra, she was just like me. She didn’t know anyone and was in love with a man she barely knew, just like me. She got to Accra, stayed with him for a week and immediately knew she wasn’t going back to Kenya again.

They married a few years later and are settled in Ghana though she goes to Kenya often when the time would allow her. She told her husband my story and he laughed out loud as though it wasn’t a problem. He said, “I hope there’s nothing wrong and we could find him because young men these days can play stupid games with other people’s emotions.

We started from where he works.

I told the woman what he told about his work and the company he said he worked for. We went online, got some numbers and started calling. We tried and tried but we didn’t get anyone to respond to us. “Probably they don’t come to work because of the lockdown,” she said. The next day, we drove there to see if we could get anyone to talk to but the offices were locked. We came back home.

The woman asked me again, “Apart from work, he didn’t give you any information that can lead us to someone who can lead us to him?” I loved the spirit of the woman and how determined she was to help out. So that day, I tried reading our various chats from the start to see if I could find something. That was when I realized he had blocked me on Facebook and on WhatsApp too.

The rhythmic beating of my heart changed immediately. My hand started shaking and I started having a whole lot of jammed thoughts in my head. “If he could do that to me, then everything that’s happening is intentional. I don’t have to waste my time and my guardians’ time anymore. I told them what I just found out. The woman was still upbeat, “There’s something wrong somewhere. You said he bought your ticket, right? How could he buy your ticket when he knows he wasn’t going to meet up with you anyway? Something doesn’t add up. Let’s keep looking.”

Her husband was very straightforward with me. Maybe it was because he was a man and understood how men work. He said, “My daughter, it’s good to have hope but at some point, you just have to let things go so you can work on the way forward. That boy is an idiot. He doesn’t deserve all the time you are wasting on him. Let’s start thinking about how to get you back to Kenya.”

In the solitude of the night, an idea came to mind. Bernard. He had a friend he was all over with on his Facebook timeline. He commented on his every post and I once had banter with him under his post. I sent him a message on Messenger and he responded immediately. I asked for his contact and he sent it.

I was straightforward with him when I called. I told him why I contacted him and why his help would be so important to me. “I’m stranded in Ghana all because I trusted him. I have nowhere to go and I have no one to help me. Take me as your sister and help me out.” I promised him I wouldn’t bring his name into the issue if he helps. Then he said, “I’m sure his wife came back from where she was working because of the lockdown. I guess that’s the reason he’s running away from you.”

“His wife? You mean he’s married?”

“Yeah, he’s a married guy with two kids.”

I was searching for the truth but this truth killed all the life I had left in me. Not because of the fact that he was married but why would a guy treat a fellow human this way? You make a fellow human being travel this long distance just because she believed in your lies? Since when did men become this callous?

I told my Guardian what I found out and she was totally broken. She even shed some tears for me. The husband said, “I’m glad you finally found closure to this search. Now, snap out of it and let’s think of how to get you back to Kenya.”

I’ve spent four weeks in Ghana. I’m in the best hands I could ever find. These two don’t have their children around. I’m their child now. The man sees me around and begins to tease me. He had even given me a local name that translates as “Love is death.” He tells me, “If it’s a Ghanaian boy you want to marry, there are plenty here. When the lockdown is over, I can get you someone who wouldn’t run away.” He never stops teasing me and I enjoy it because any time I laugh, a broken piece inside of me gets fixed. I’ve started laughing a lot so very soon, I would be completely healed and be whole again.

—Agnes, Ghana


Credit SilentBeads

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