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Love In The Middle Of Nowhere – Season 1 – Episode 2

Early January, we started putting plans together to meet. He should have been in Kenya on Val’s day but he couldn’t. Work was demanding. Financially, he wasn’t ready and I wasn’t doing any better too. We later agreed for me to travel to Ghana in March. It should have been early March, but again, some things worked against us so I couldn’t travel in early March. He sent me money for flight and hotel accommodation for a day.

We should have heeded the signs of the time. COVID-19 had started spreading across Africa and a lot of things were changing rapidly. We were not listening to the world. We had made a lot of plans that didn’t work so we were determined not to make this one fail. I traveled from Kenya and got to Ghana on twenty-something March. At the Airport, we were told by the pilot that we were going to be quarantined for fourteen days. At the terminal, we were told that the directive came from the government a day before we arrived.

I started shaking. I called him and told him about the situation. He tried calming me down. He said, “This thing is getting serious but you stay calm until you see the end of it.” The end of it was that we were ushered into a bus and led away to some hotel in Accra. We were told not to worry about anything because we were in safe hands. “My trip to Ghana is supposed to last for fourteen days but here I am spending all the fourteen days in quarantine.”

There was nothing much I could do. I took solace in the fact that I was closer to the one I loved. Back when I was in Kenya, I always felt the huge distance between us but in Ghana, anytime we spoke or anytime we had a video call, it felt like he was just living at the next-door. I only had to open my door and he would be at the gate to welcome me. That was soothing and kept me going.

We spoke first thing in the morning. I would watch movies, eat and sleep. In the afternoon he would call me on video. When the medical team came around, I told him about it. The various test I had to run and the fear and stress that came with it. Some days I was anxious. “What if I’m positive?” Does that mean I don’t get to see him ever and ever?” But slowly the days went by. Soon there were only three days left for me to complete the quarantine. My results had come back negative but I had to wait for the last test before I could be cleared.

Two Days More To Go…

He called in the morning telling me he had to do something at work and as such wouldn’t talk to me again until evening. That was hard but I accepted it in good faith. That afternoon he didn’t call as promised. Evening came and he didn’t call. I called him on Whatsapp and he didn’t respond. All the messages I sent to him on Whatsapp were left unread. I slept knowing I would wake up the next day to the sound of his voice on the phone.

One Day To Go…

He still hadn’t responded to my messages and he still hadn’t called. “I would be leaving this place tomorrow and I can’t hear from this guy?” I tried all avenues I knew and did everything I had to do to reach him but all I met were dead ends. “Wow, what’s happening?” All of a sudden I started experiencing this nameless fear. It looked like all my hopes and dreams were crumbling down and there was nothing I could do about it.

Leaving Quarantine Hotel…

The first thing I did when I woke up was to call his phone. Switched off. I sent him a message; “Today, I leave quarantine hotel and there’s no place to go and you know I can’t go back to my country until this is over. If you can read this, kindly get back to me. I’m in a desperate position right now.” I sent it to his Whatsapp, I sent it to his Messenger, I sent it again as a Text Message. No response.

Soon the authorities were at my door asking me to get ready to leave.


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