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love in the dark – Season 1 – Episode 31

Yes… I will marry you,” I cried out. His face beamed with excitement. He hurriedly grabbed my hands and put an invisible ring on my finger. “You’ve made me the most happiest man on earth Angie…” He said amid tears in his beautiful eyes. Wait!

Tunji is crying? I’ve never seen this side of me, I’ve only imagined…

He lowered his head to my stomach and pressed his right ear on it. He listened to the rumbling in my stomach. “Is that the baby?” He asked like an excited infant. “Yes…” I replied with tears now in my eyes.

“Am I going to be a good father?” He asked again in a childish tone. I nodded in affirmation.

“Oh Angie I love you…”
“I love you too…”

“Go on rest now. You don’t have to work again.”

“I am fine…”

“Let me take care of you…”

I might have doubted Tunji’s love for me but I didn’t doubt again. I believed he will be a good husband and a good father. Did I make the wrong decision? Only time was about to tell me.
Wedding preparations went on smoothly. Everyone was involved except Aremu and I wondered why? Tunji was so distracted to even get himself to tell me why. Tunji’s parents treated me like a queen, well I knew why, I was about to have their first grandchild.

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My wedding dress was out of this world. Long and beautiful, white as snow, elegant and angelic. Hah! I was about to have a fairytale wedding. I felt like Cinderella. I felt like a princess.

It was the engagement night, I was in front of my wall mirror, admiring my new and improved self. God rest the souls of my parents. I wish they were here to see me about to get married. Aunty Sally, my only close relative supported my moves, also because of the baby.

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I heard a knock on the entrance door and i hurried to the living room and opened. Lo and behold, standing in my front was Tunji’s estranged brother, Aremu. Looking like a junkie that just escaped from rehab. His bearded scrawny face appeared to me like an apparition from the pit of hell. His blood shot eyes frightened me that I stood there facing him blank and awestruck.

“Hi Angie…” He whizzed. “Come in Aremu…” I ushered him in. I closed the door and turned to him. He stood at the middle of my living room, looking like a malnourished teenager. Even the cheap suit he wore, didn’t make his appearance appealing to the eyes. ” Should I get you something to drink?” I asked quizzically. “No…” He shake his head. “There is something you need to know.” “What?” I asked, looking bewildered.

“Don’t marry Tunji.”

“He is evil…”

“Come on Aremu, is Tunji we are talking about here.”

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“I know. He has done terrible things to people.”

I looked at him disgustingly with no actual words to say, then I said: “Are you still on meds?” “I am not crazy. Tunji is the crazy one…” He shouted.

The sound of his voice shuddered me and I drifted backwards. “Believe me Angie. Tunji is no good for you…” He talked now in a low coordinate tone.

“Leave…” I muttered silently while I took another step backward towards the door. The door pushed me forward and i turned and see Tunji at the doorpost. His eyes was red with anger. I looked at Aremu, his eyes are propped out. His chest was rising and falling fast. He looked petrified and defenceless.

I looked back at Tunji, looking like an evil stature. He is breathing fast too.

“Don’t…” I yelled at Tunji.

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