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love in the dark – Season 1 – Episode 29

The night sky wore an unusual fiery orange. I la!d na-ked on the bed with Tunji’s arms wrapped around me. We made love that evening like madness… I bet time seizes every time I feel him deep inside me. The pleasure maddens me that I feel like a molested dolly.

I swear Tunji will be the death of me. How can I explain it? How can I explain that this beautiful man with a noble personality rides me like an erratic horse. He is so nasty at se-x but subtle at love.

I saw that fiery glint in his eyes. That passion for lus-t. Does he love me or is it all about the se-x? When we make love I feel high, like I am been drugged. But his lips damn! When we kiss I just want it to last forever. When his thick lips meets mine, I just want to swallow every of him.

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Then when he is asleep, he looks so gentle and homely that I want to cuddle him like a child and stroke his hair till the sunrise.

But this night was different, he was snoring heavily and his breath smelt of stale alcohol. When did Tunji start drinking alcohol? It puzzled me that I didn’t taste that in his saliva — his salty saliva that I never for once thought twice of not swallowing.

Yes, this night was different. Tunji is a talker when we have S£x. Those dirty and lustful words never parts his mouth.

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First, I thought he was only imitating the males in po-rn but he never stops… But this night he said nothing, he didn’t even look at me. He did not whisper sweet nonsense into my ears or tell me that he is addicted to me.
Even when I tried to lighten the atmosphere with his own jokes, he spurned me and m0aned aggressively.

I presumed he is also affected by Eva D’s death. I mean why won’t he? He is human and she was his ex-girlfriend. Despite she antagonize our relationship, I think Tunji has a good heart enough to be bereaved and not relish in her demise.

He pushed his head closer to my brea-st and I swear I felt my ni-pple erect. I stare at the night sky. The clouds like a sunset. I saw my face in the vacant sky and my hands trying to reach it, wanting to climb it and wanting to explode into the galaxies.

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This is an ambivalent feeling. One moment I can’t leave without Tunji, the next moment I want to run away from him. Why does this man make me feel like I will die loving him?

I was staring into his somnolent face when he jostled and woke alarmingly. His eyes red with a fear I have never seen before.

“Tunji are you OK?” I asked alarmingly.

His dreamy eyes rolled and his lips sauntered: “They are coming for me…”

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