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love in the dark – Season 1 – Episode 23

Everything was normal. At least everything seemed normal. Tunji and I went on a date at a restaurant in Victoria island. We sat in partial view of the glistened island and the evanescent evening sun. The cold wind frozed my sparsely hairy skin. I squirmed tenuously, unnoticed by Tunji. Tunji appeared too comfortable in a thick brown coat. I wore an irregular evening gown. Mary J Blige ‘You want this’ played in the background.

I, I know you gonna see me coming up and boy I know you want this. And I know you can’t get enough, get enough…

I am not confused about what I truly feel. What I feel for Tunji is divine I know . But what I feel now is not about him. I am bereaved. Gabriel died and his memories are haunting me. Tunji was doing all he could to cheer me up . He brought the idea of going on a date. The first spot we had our first date. He cared about the way I feel and I couldn’t ask for anything else.

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The waitress wore a white long coat like a lab scientist. She brought a fine bottle of red wine in a camtray. She has this sultry smirk on her face. Her dark face is almost not perceptible in the dark. She smiled broadly at Tunji as she placed the tray on our table. “Thank you,” Tunji echoed and smiled. She giggled and winked at him.

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Tunji swallowed it. I walked to Tunji. Put my face on his head. His lip appeared bruised like someone bit it. I gently watered his lips with my saliva. He looked at me bewildered.

I turned to see the waitress face covered with angst . I moved back and sat.

The evening ran into the dark night. I soaked in the bath tub na-ked in a foamy water in the heights of my thighs. Tunji walked in. He pulled off his black short and entered the tub with me. We sat facing each others. “I love you…”

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He clutched my sapped brea-st. He pulled me to himself. I acted hesitant but he made sure we were close knit. I squirmed: “hah huh hah.” Tunji was all inside me. There was a throng of thought in me. I wish they would all dissipate. I wasn’t overwhelmed by the pleasure. I was overwhelmed by a guilt. But why do I feel guilty? The night Gabriel died he called me. He wanted us to meet but I declined. Why did he wanted to meet with me?

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