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love in the dark – Season 1 – Episode 19

I feel so alive, finally getting back to work. To do what i love to do best. Atleast thats what i was told. I listened to my radio recordings. I sounded so excited and fervid. Friends came to visit me through my recovery. Most of them i don’t even remember. I only pretended to remember them. What happened to me, still puzzled me. How i survived that accident is a mystery. The chiropractor kept bugging me through my countless therapy sessions, to know whether i remember a paltry of what transpired that day. I was with a man thats all i remember. I can’t recall his face or his voice. But i remember he carried me in his strong arms. I was half dead. I saw his face but he seemed faceless. That part i presumed, was only a figment of my imagination. He appears to me in my dreams but i never saw his face. He looked like a corpse but yet seemed so alive. He never talks to me even when i talk to me. He stands like a stature and watched… I moved on however, i finally said YES to Gabriel. He has been my rock all through this throes.

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He always attended to my needs. He never abandoned me, even when i was difficult to be around. I may not love him as i would want to but i know i will in time to come. He treats me like a queen everytime i am around him. I see an undying love in his eyes. He’s very considerate and a gentleman. Its difficult not to love him.

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I worked as a co-anchor for the shows ran through the week. I was co-anchor for the prestigious breakfast show hosted by my would be best friend Sophia aka Queen Sophie. I don’t remember ever been her friend but she’s so nice to me. It is difficult not to be her friend. After she announced a commercial break and the speakers danced to the craze beat of Rihanna “Work” She put her headphone away and i did the same. “Hey, Angie, how are you feeling?” Her voice sounded so genuine and tepid. “I am Ok. I guess. Feeling alive in a long while,” I replied. “Oh, you look better to me, you will get back on track soon,” she assuredly said to me. A man walked in. He has curly brown hairs. The brown hairs appeared like they are brown due to neglet. He’s skin tone is difficult to ascertain. He wears a broad smile as he waved at me: “Hi, Angie.” I wanted to reply but i am disrupted by his latter action. He kissed Sophie on her cheek and she cringed. “Hey, stranger, you’re still angry?” He asked her, his smile slowly fading. “Not here, Mike. Please we are at work,” her voice is filled with angst. “You don’t come home. You don’t pick my calls. Where else do we meet?” He sounded like he was about crying. “Let me excuse you…” I rose from my seat. “Please stay Angie. Help me ask her why she’s so mad at me,” his voice brought whimpers to my body. “Don’t bring Angie in…” She retorted. It was glaring to me, there was trouble in paradise but i never wanted to get involved so i said: “Whatever the case may be, i believe it could be handled amicably in private. “It cannot be resolved. Please help me tell this man, i am done with his cheating butt0ckz,” she retorted fiercely and walked out, he couldn’t stop her even. He walked out too and i am left to continue the show without Sophie and the producer’s presence. I played another song Rihanna’s “Unfaithful” Is this what awaits me in my relationship? I thought. Next i played “Unbreak my heart” by Toni Braxton..

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