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love in the dark – Season 1 – Episode 17

Angie was carried on a stretcher and wheeled into the hospital’s emergency room. She’s balanced on the hospital bed as the doctor checked for pulse. Her heart beat rate is heightened with a compressor. She appeared dead. White washed like a faded blouse. Her lips moved but her eyes appeared hibernated …

Three days later. Angie was still unconscious. She stood in the darkness. A grey sky covers her. A piercing cold pricked her dried skin. From a distance she saw an approaching figure. It walked with the streaming light.

As the image moved further the light broadened. It blinded her. She fell to the ground, shielding her face with her elbow from direct contact with the brooding light.

A voice resonated like Tunji’s hoarsed voice. “Angie…” His face invaded the light, she could see him but he’s not the Tunji she knew. His face was scarred. His face was fiercely dark that it stood out from the light. He stood almost 7 foot tall. He held her right hand and stroke it gently. He kissed and pressed his lips towards it. He cried and she snivelled. He moved slightly from her as he began to mutate. He turned to a monster with fiery horns. She screamed loud, not even the calmness in his voice perturbed her from the screaming as loud as it would take to bring the whole grey sky crashing down. “I loved you Angie…” His voice changed, a breed out fire out of his nostrils. He was a complete slovenic dragon.

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Angie woke on the fourth day. Unable to move her routed body. She felt like she was ran over by a moving truck. Her bones crackled but she felt nothing. She felt like a weightless piece of paper ontop the air. Floating with aid of the air waves. She felt blank and empty. No memories. Nothing at all. She couldn’t remember anything that happened.

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She couldn’t remember the accident. How she got to the hospital. Gabriel sat close to the hospital bed as her dreamy eyes moved around the room. “She’s awake,” he yelled and jumped frantically; and acted like he was about hugging her. Aunt Sally ran into the ward, her face is full with joy. Angie frowned. She didn’t recognised. Doctor Obi walked in. He heaved his stethoscope and placed on her chest. He raised her eye lid with his middle finger and flashed at it. Forced her white tongue from her mouth. She gave him a weird ghostly stare like she wasn’t sure he knew what he was doing. He frowned back at her and turned to Gabriel and Aunt Sally. He talked like he whispered. She didn’t hear a word he said. None of them turned at her again. She was evenly bemused. “Who are these people even?”

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