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love in the dark – Season 1 – Episode 16

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He climbed the bath. She la!d sluggishly on the sink. The room was dark. He stood in between her legs. He saw shadows of her, squirming and breathing sporadically. Her pouted neck lurched on the edge of the bath. “Come…” She called him. He climbed her. She embraced him. His weight pulled her deep into the sink. He was submerged too. Her breath seized. He placed his mouth on hers. He breathe air into her. She exhaled. He lifted her off the sink. She la!d sluggishly on his broad arms. “Your love is killing me Tunji,” her voice as light as air. He clutched her bre-ast. Kissed her tit-s. She shuddered and clasped his head firmly to her bre-ast. He fought from her firm grip and moved his tiny lips downwards to her V. Her V appearing glarinly as she felt — Violated. “Do you want this Angie?” His tremulous voice richochets amidst a violent exhalation. She nodded faintly. He raised her both legs with his head stationed on her V.
Her heads heaves slightly above the edge of the bath. Her hands reached for the tiled walls. Her convoluted body danced violently to the rhythm. “Hah… Oh…. Huh…” He let her sway into the darkness. Let her ring her head on the wall. She became overwhelmed with the feeling; she pushed his head from her V. “What G?” He sounded like he was about wailing. She kept mute and soaked. She held his pouted face. “I love you Tunji.” “I love you too.” He planted his lips on hers. His lips tasted like blood. Her blood was on his lips. He bit her lips…
A convulsing vehicle hit their car from behind. It moved and stumbled. Fell hard on the other side. Down the slopes to a trench. The vehicle is engulfed in flames. Tunji smashed the door with his left foot as the right is stationed between the collasped seats. Angie stretched at the back lifeless. Her forehead is covered with blood. Tunji continued, smashing and wailing. “Don’t worry Angie, i will save us…” The fire started from under. The grasses within were already in flames. He smashed the door frantically to no avail. He used his elbow and smashed the glass till the window frame is relieved of a speck of glass. He rushed for Angie, having pulled his right leg out. He tried hurling her out through the window frame. The fire was already in her face. He successively hurled her out to the ground. He pulled his hefty self too through the glass, the fire caught up with his leg and he fell back inside the car. The fire was all over his face but he didn’t relent smashing the door with his leg. The door broke open and he hurriedly scuttled out. His face completely burnt. He reached for Angie.
Carried her in his arms. But he didn’t run a metre far before the car exploded and he fell on the ground with Angie. He blanked out…

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