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love in the dark – Season 1 – Episode 15

Tunji pulled over at a massive mansion. He opened the car door for Angie to step out. Angie wore a blue hugging lace gown. Tunji wore a black V-neck shirt and a brown pant. He ushered her into a brightly furnitured and spacious living room. “Wow,” she exclaimed. He held her hands tightly. “Tun…” she stuttered. Her eyes fixed on the gleaming chandelier that hangs high. He hurled her gently out of the living room into the visitor’s room, which is just beside the living room. The visitor’s room is not even a quarter as spacious as the living room. “Sit,” he ordered her in a mild tone. She sits on zebra lines patterned sofa. He planted his lips on her forehead. “I will be back,” he said, relieving his hands from her grip. He exited the visitor’s room and she’s left alone in the room. She felt like her mind departed with him. She stared ghostly at the shuddering wall and the twirling celling fan. She heaved herself, took a leap forward to ease her anxiety. A light touch on her shoulder shuddered her. She turned towards the direction the touch came from. “Hello, you must be Tunji’s visitor?” A feminine voice rose. “Oh dear, did i frighten you?” A woman in her late fifties asked a jittery Angie. “Yes. I mean i am his visitor,” Angie replied in a shaky voice. “Why did he leave you here?” “He…” “Pardon my… Tunji’s friends hardly visit. Whats your name?” “Angie.Angela.” “Nice to meet you Angela, i am Sylvia” She shook Angie’s hands. “Are those real dreads?” “Yes Ma’am” “Call me Sylvia.. Tables set. Join us at the dinning room,” she took Angie’s hands and Angie followed her into the lustrous dinning room. Sylvia wore an ankara dress and appeared very elegant and quite younger than her age. Two women set the table. Putting things in place. “Sit,” she pulled out a chair for Angie to sit. “Hurry up,” Sylvia ordered the women. “Be comfortable. I will be back,” she said to Angie and exited the dinning room. Angie was left alone in the dinning room when the women had left. She stared at the neatly arranged utencils and serving pots. She was startled as a sudden weight exerts on her shoulder and a light kiss on her cheek.

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She turned, it was Tunji. “How did you get here?” He asked and moved his chin from her shoulder. “I did…” Sylvia retorted from the door frame. “She’s not just your visitor only you know?” She continued. She entered with her husband, Chief Tunde Babalola who held on her and his walking stick for support. He appeared like a man in his seventies hailing to his ill health when he was apparently in his mid sixties. He sat at the front row seat. “Ekabo, sir, ” Angie greeted him. He waved at her and scoffed. “Sit, Tunji,” Sylvia ordered Tunji, who reluctantly sits. “Lets say our prayers, Sylvia said and all bowed their heads.

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“Thank you Lord for this food. Bless the hands that provide it and those that eat. Amen,” she continued and ‘amen’ echoed. “Whats your name?” Tunde asked a jittery Angie as he picked a fork neatly arranged on the table. “Angela Nwabueze,” she replied.

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“Where are you from?”
“South east. Anambra.”
“What do you do for a living?”
“She’s an OAP, a radio presenter,” Tunji answered in her stead.

“Thats impressive, what radio station” Sylvia retorted. “Its obvious my son likes you. You are the first he has brought home. But i don’t see any ring,” Tunde said. “We are not engaged,” Tunji retorted. “How long have you two dated?” Sylvia asked. “Five months,” Angie replied. “Oh hon. There’s still room for that. They look very much in love,” Sylvia said, facing Tunde. “Your parents live in the city?” Tunde asked Angie as he pick a green bean with the fork. “No… They are dead. I live with my aunt,” Angie replied and expressed like she was about to wail. “Oh.
That most be hard. Take heart dear,” Sylvia said and reached for Angie’s shoulder. “You well know about this family social status?” “Not now father,” Tunji retorted…

Angie waited for Tunji in the car. It was lurid everything didn’t go well as she had envisaged. She was well received by Tunji’s mother but the father was very hard impress. Tunji opened the car door and balanced on the driver seat. He smirk faintly Angie who smiled back. It was obvious everything didn’t go well for him too. He wasn’t as free-spirited as he was always with Angie. He rides the SUV into the streets. Angie watch time flies in form of the bird’s that fly away. “Your mother is very nice,” Angie said. “She’s a good actress,” Tunji retorted. “My father’s worst right?” He asked a suddenly quiet Angie. “He’s better even,” Tunji continued.

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“He wants you to marry the girl he has chosen for you?”

“All my life, i have done all they wanted.”
“Why change now?”

“I am a man now, with feelings and with a heart to love.”

“I don’t want to come between you and your parents.”

“Shhhh. I choose you Angie. I love you. Do you love me? If you do, you will fight for who you love.”

“I love you Tunji.”
“Then marry me.”

Angie is speechless. Tunji pulled the car over. “Marry me Angie,” he takes her hand and caressed it. “There’s no ring now but i will buy the most expensive engagement ring for you.” “Your father thinks i am a gold digger. He doesn’t approve of me, you cannot defy him.” “I can do anything for you Angie. Remember i say, i will climb the highest mountain. Cross the deepest ocean. Walk on fire to be with you. Thats how much i love you. Just say you will marry me.” “I will marry you Tunji…” He kissed her and they hugged.
A vehicle frantically rode from behind Tunji’s vehicle. Lost balance and ran into their halted vehicle…

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