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love in the dark – Season 1 – Episode 14

The rustling wind and the throbbing voices emassed in the ampliers ricochets in the speakers. The voices in the commercial sounded like aliens singing hoo-laaha.

After the commercial, Drake “One Dance” saturated the speakers. Eva D piercing voice ran into the microphone. “Welcome back. Love people. We are still logged on your favourite love-relationship talk ‘Where broken hearts go’ If you are just tuning in. I am your one and only radio diva Eva D with my broadcast partner Ang-G. Today the topic is not like any kind we have had on this show. Mariam from Ikorudu, writes, i am dating this guy, he dated a friend of mine that i didn’t know of. He proposed to me and i accepted. However my friend became aware of the relationship weeks ago and she’s strongly against me marrying him. She said he’s a fraud and a homosexual. Should i confront him about this or should i ignore her alleagations. I am confused. He’s a gentleman. I haven’t observed anything like that about him. I don’t want to lose him. He may pick offence because of this. There you go Love people. Mariam needs your advice. Call. Text.
Whatsapp. Go on Our Fb and twitter page. Comment. Let your voice be heard.” The telephone line detects an incoming call.
Receives it. Ding ding!!. Angie toggles the answer key. “Hello. Who’s on the line?” EVa D voice richochets.

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“Hello. I am Tehila, calling from isolo.” “Tehila, whats your advice for the ‘damsel in distress?’ “She should confront him. The allegation is a strong one.” “But she hasn’t noticed that of him. It could be her friend’s antics to thwart the relationship,” Angie’s coarsed voice rose. The phone line dies.”Oh we lost that caller,” Eva D voice ran into the microphone and for the first time she gawk at Angie. She is filled with bitterness…
“We have come to the end of the show. I want to thank all that participated. It was an awesome show. I am signing out now. Your one and only radio diva Eva D and my broadcast partner Ang-G saying goodbye and enjoy the rest of the evenning. Next up is ‘Marital bliss’ by Pastor Mrs Vero Adesoun. Keep it locked with this music by Chris Brown ‘Autumn leaves’ ” Both ladies removed their headsets. “Great show,” Angie said. Eva D didn’t reply, she just grimace at her. Angie regrets her gesture. “So you and Tunji are together now?” Eva D asked sardonistically. “Yes…” Angie replied. Eva D gave her a disapproving stare.

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“Let me advice you Angie. You are young and new. Tunji i have known for long, he is not who you think he is.”

“Let me be the judge.”

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“I dated Tunji.”

“It seems like our show is been replayed.”
“You don’t know that man.”
“You are just jealous…”

“Jealous? Let me tell you girl. I started fuc-king men when you haven’t dreamnt of Kg…”

“You are a Lovepeddler then…”

Eva D threw her headphone at Angie. Angie blocked her face with her arm. Eva D dived her and both women fell on the floor. They roll on the floor, hauling their hairs. Eva D removed Angie’s wig and Angie smack her with her elbow. They are separated by others in the studio. Eva D and Angie are summoned at the management office and both are suspended indefinitely

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