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love in the dark – Season 1 – Episode 13

She held her breath as he tongues her. His tongue submerged in her hole. She clutched her sapped brea-st. He licks her wild. She felt electricity flow into her from him. What he does with his tongue amaze her. He pushed her to the bed. She felt like the world had collapsed at her feet. He literally fuc-ked her with his tongue that she felt disembowered, like she had no life left in her. His cryptic oral S£x power astound her. She squirmed even when his head is not stationed on her V. He pulled his short, revealing his 5 inches co-ck.
She pushed upward, her head balanced on the soft pillow. He climbed her, crossed her V to her sapped b0s0m. He puts his co-ck in between her brea-st. Pushed it forward and down. She’s bem0aned as he forced it into her mouth. She had never done oral on a man… The whole thing was strange to her. “Just let it stay in,” his hoarsed voice rose. She let it stay in. Not a minute long, her mouth was reaching his ends. He writhe in pleasure and she just sU-Cked the life out of it. He cummed watery spe-rm over her precious face and fell on the bed. Her face is covered with his spe-rm and her tears. He moved and reached her face. He wiped her face… “I am sorry, if it made you feel bad,” he sounded very apologetic. “But it made you feel good,” she said and snivelled.

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“It will make me feel worst, if you feel different about it.”

“You make me feel different. I love it. I cannot protest…”

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He held her closely to his chest. He crossed his right leg over her. “I have never loved anyone like this…” He pressed his lips towards hers. “What of Eva D?”
——————————————— ——-
It was a cold night. Empire X club at the heart of Lekki. Eva D wore a short black-off tunic party gown. The music was loud and the crowd was crazed. Tunji sat at the VIP row. He left his black coat unbuttoned and the first two buttons of his whte long sleeve unbuttoned. Party goers danced to the thrumming beats of Wizkid hit. Eva D was at the middle of the club dancing with friends. She excused herself from her derailed fans and went back to her seat. She sat on Tunji’s lap and took the tumbler in his hand and gulped the whiskey in it. She bent over and planted her lips on his nabbed lips. “I need to pee,” he said and heaved her from his lap. He spanked her luscious but-tocks and she scowled. He was lost in no time in the crowd. She waited on the VIP row till it was 12:00 am. He hadn’t returned, so she went to check him at the rest room. From the entrance she heard a male groan. It amplified as she moved further and crossed the male rest room getting to the female restroom. .

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A male groaned but it didn’t seem like he was with someone else. She slightly opened the door. Tunji was pants down and a lady bent over sluggishly on the toilet sink. Her heart were literally in her mouth that moment. She was astounded. She couldn’t make a sound. Tunji turned at her. His face is swollen with guilt.
“I have nothing to do with Eva D,” he replied. Her eyes like a sunken sky.

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She embraced him further. “You are my everything Tunji…”

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