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love in the dark – Season 1 – Episode 12

Angie walked into the corridor. She heard indistict choking laughter rising from the living room. She took the door key from her hand bag, plunged it into the lock and twitched left but it wouldn’t turn, so she pushed the door slightly. “Who’s that?” a voice rose, it sounded like her Aunt Sally husky voice. “Aunt Sally?” She asked, her voice churned with awe. “Angela?” the voice asked back. Angie opened the door wide. Aunt Sally was seated upright on the couch. Her face is broadened with abhorrence. Angie’s face is lited but attenuates as she saw that Aunt Sally’s face is not bright. “Where have you been Angela?” Her voice rang like a bell. “I am sorry, i didn’t know you had returned,” Angie sounded very apologetic. “I have been around for two days now. Your phone’s switched off…”
Angie peeked into the inside of her hand bag. “Hi… Angie,” a male voice rose. Angie looked the other end, it was Gabriel, he’s dressed in casual wears as usual.

His face is bright like the afternoon sun. “Hey, Gabriel. I am sorry. I didn’t know…” “I know. You don’t have to apologise.” “You haven’t given me an answer,” Aunt Sally husky voice disrupted their short conversation. Angie didn’t reply instantly. She walked and knelt in front of her. “I am sorry Auntie. I was only gone for the weekend. I was at a friend’s place…” “Your friend owns the fancy SUV i presume?” Aunt Sally asked, her coarsed yoruba accent became tentatively obvious. “Yes…” Angie replied and stood. “Your boyfriend?” Aunt Sally asked jokingly. Gabriel cleared his throat. “I will be on my way,” his croaked voice heaved and he stood from the couch. “I thought you were staying for dinner, Gab?” Aunt Sally asked, her waxing smile dies. “I need to get ready for my night job.” “But its not night…” “It will be soon.” “Ok…”Aunt Sally shrugged. “Thanks for keeping me company.” “Bye Gab,” Angie’s voice resonates. He whistled a kiss at her and exited. “How was the journey?” Angie focuses on her ageing Aunt Sally. “Don’t change the topic.” “What topic?” “I see the way he looks at you, what went down when i wasn’t here?” “Nothing…” Angie replied timidly and fell heavily on the couch.

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“Gabriel’s a nice guy.”

“I know, but you haven’t met this other guy, Tunji, he’s every thing you will want in a man.”

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“Is it because he is rich?”
“No… He’s modest, a gentleman and i love him.”

“I would want to meet him.”

Angie and Tunji sat facing each others in a cafe. His hands are interlocked with hers. He stared lustfully into her se-xy eyes and she’s lost in his fiery brown eyes. His lips moved but he’s saying nothing. She kissed the air in his direction and he chuckled. “Are you not hungry still?” Angie asked like she’d just been awarkened. “I want you for lunch,” Tunji said, clenching his teeth like a vampire. “You want to starve eeh?” “I am starved.” The expression on her face changed and Tunji is puzzled. “Are you Ok?” He asked. “Aremu.Would he be staying?” “If you don’t want him to, i would…” “No. I don’t want to come between you two,” She retorted.

“He’s a grown man.”
“He’s a nice person. He has been nice to me.”

“You don’t know him.”
“We all have our flaws…”
“Aremu does not have a flaw, he has a disease,” Tunji said and bursted into laughter, hailing to the shocked expression on Angie’s face. “My Aunt wants to meet you,” her scrawny voice heaved. His face is darkened. “Is she yoruba?” He brightened his face with a feigned smile. “Yes…” “I have set a date for us to meet my parents.” Her face glowed with a distilled joy. “I will be glad to meet them.” He gave her dis-believing stare. “Now can we make an order?” She asked, her eyes almost gorged out.

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A slim tall lady walked into the cafe. She wore a hugging jumpsuit that showcased her sloppy curves. Angie’s eyes met her first.
She wished, she was hallucinating. Her broadcast partner Eva D was the tall lady that got men in the cafe whistling. She catwalked to where Angie was seated with Tunji. She gave Tunji casual kiss on his cheek from behind. Tunji shuddered and Angie’s face is reddenned. “Hi… Angie.” Angie feigned a smile. Eva D was shocked to see both of them together but it wasn’t inscribe on her colourfully painted face on the other hand Tunji’s face is swollen with guilt.

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